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The IVACS network aims to connect corpus researchers and postgraduates internationally. The 9th biennial conference builds on the success of the previous eight IVACS conferences held at the Universities of Limerick (2002, 2008), Belfast, (2004), Nottingham (2006), Edinburgh (2010), Leeds (2012), Newcastle (2014), and Bath Spa (2016).

The theme of the 9th international conference is Corpus Linguistics: languages, communities, mobility and it is intended to reflect a deeper awareness of the central role played by languages, and language varieties, in our increasingly fluid societies. Through the use of corpus linguistics, the conference will draw on the diverse fields of study that can contribute to understanding the issues and concerns, as well as advantages and richness, that are found as communities experience increasing mobility. 

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline

Submission Topics

We are particularly interested in papers which draw on applied corpus research in the following areas, though these are in no way exclusive:

Corpus Linguistics, mobility and communities

  • CL and social mobility

  • CL, language and migration

  • CL and integration

  • Using CL to explore language in minority contexts

  • CL and diversity in communities

  • CL and high-stakes testing

  • CL and xenophobia

Corpus Linguistics and Analysing Discourse

  • CL and real word contexts, e.g. Media Discourse, Classroom Discourse Workplace Discourse, Academic Discourse

  • CL and approaches to discourse analysis, e.g. Conversation Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis

  • Corpus Pragmatics

Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

  • Learner corpus research

  • Data-driven learning

  • CL and teacher education

  • CL and English as an International Language (EIL)

  • CL and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)

  • CL and Second Language Acquisition

  • CL and Bilingualism

Corpus methods and innovations

  • Critical reflections on corpus methods

  • Innovations in Corpus design

  • Innovative corpus tools

  • Advances in quantitative and qualitative approaches to analysing corpora

Corpus Linguistics, Texts and Literature

  • Lexicography

  • Corpus Stylistics

  • CL and Translation Studies

  • CL and Literary Linguistics

  • Forensic Linguistics

  • Register Studies

Corpus Linguistics and Speech

  • CL Speech Technology

  • CL and Multimodality

  • Spoken Corpora

  • Corpus Phonology

Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

  • CL and language change

  • CL and language varieties

  • CL and language variation

  • CL and minority language studies

Corpus Linguistics and Historic Linguistics

  • Building historic corpora

  • Analysing historic corpora

  • Historic pragmatics

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    Jun 13



    Jun 15


  • Dec 19 2017

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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