The demands for lower SWaP-C and better target acquisition performance, coupled with many advancements in focal plane technology, has created a paradigm shift on the system requiring renewed emphasis on optics development as a critical enabler in meeting the demands of defense and security systems. The recent emergence of new design capabilities, materials, and fabrication techniques has created a near-revolution in designing high performance single- and multi-band optical systems. These developments have gone a long way towards answering the recurring demands of the military and law enforcement communities for sensor systems having longer target acquisition ranges, greater reliability, reduced weight, volume, power consumption, and lower cost. 

A strong trend towards the use of optical multi-band sensor systems requires the conference to consider the full optical region from ultra-violet to long-wave infrared. This conference will bring together researchers and students, as well as developers and users of optical technologies and optical systems, to discuss improvements in military and law enforcement sensor systems brought about by the incorporation of advanced optics technologies and/or new techniques in their design and development. Our goal is, in the communities noted earlier, to inspire, advance, and support revolutionary advancement in optics and optical technologies. Papers that examine and advance novel concepts in optical engineering and demonstrate their utility in a military or law enforcement context are desired.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Optical technologies will include but not be limited to: 

Design, Materials, Fabrication, and Metrology for: reflective and refractive optics for the UV, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR

  • multispectral/multiple waveband imaging optics

  • multi-field of view optics

  • low-cost optics

  • advanced lenses (GRIN, diffractive, aspheres, etc)

  • new materials (GRIN, chalcogenides, polymers, etc.)

  • molded optics

  • freeform optics

  • optics and imaging systems unique to computational imaging

  • conventional/unconventional coatings for filters, lenses, and mechanics

  • straylight control

  • opto-mechanics, assembly, and alignment

  • optical systems testing

  • metamaterial imaging optics

  • integrated optics/camera technologies

  • optics created through additive manufacturing techniques

  • newly developing optics technologies

  • design tools for new developing optics technologies

For use in defense applications including but not limited to: infrared search and track (IRST) imaging systems

  • handheld/body-mounted imaging systems

  • weapon sights

  • low light level imaging

  • small and Large UAV

  • armored vehicles

  • airborne navigation, pilotage, and targeting systems

  • spaceborne systems

  • threat warning systems

  • missile seekers/guided munitions

  • hyperspectral systems

  • imaging around corners

  • next-generation systems


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    15 Apr.



    19 Apr.


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