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ILRN’s annual conference provides an intensive face-to-face opportunity for the emerging immersive learning professional community to collaborate and create the future of immersive learning and planting seeds of innovation locally in the education, technology, and entertainment sectors. ILRN conferences offer knowledge exchange and collaborative opportunities in scientific presentation streams, poster sessions and panels complemented with hands-on demonstrations and immersive local conference experiences. The iLRN Conference is, itself, designed to be an immersive learning environment making great use of the physical location and stocking it with immersive learning experiences across the Augmented and Virtual Reality spectrum. We seek members of the iLRNetwork, itself, to propose Workshops and Special Tracks throughout covering emerging topics and trends relevant to the community.

Call for paper

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Submission Topics

Topics of interest in the context of immersive environments for the main conference include:

  • Immersive Technologies, Systems and Devices

  • Natural and Built Environments as Immersive Learning Spaces

  • Cognitive and Pedagogical Analysis

  • STEM Education including Gender-specific Approaches

  • The Psychological and Embodied Nature of “Immersion”

  • Learning and Training Applications

  • Non-leisure Games and Gamification

  • A Glance into the Future: Innovations, Challenges and Applications

  • Games and Entertainment

  • Art and Creativity

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    Jun 24



    Jun 29


  • Feb 15 2018

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Mar 29 2018

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  • Apr 29 2018

    Final Paper Deadline