Software applications continue to evolve with more functionalities, complex structures and interactions with users. Security risks continue to evolve as well in both quantity in the same domains as well new types and ways on how to break into software applications, websites, databases, etc. Software Defined Networking (SDN) evolves in the recent years to coin several concepts related to programmable networks. Such technology trend (of programming and automating more and more features) is not only a trend in software applications.

For example, monitoring the car manufacturing industry, we can see that recent car models have more automated programmable features in comparison with their earlier models. Same thing can be applicable to most other engineering products. SDN brings security opportunities to change the way security controls (e.g. firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems IDS, etc.) are developed and enforced. They also bring security challenges related to SDN architecture or any changes that can be directly or indirectly related to SDN. Security Issues and Software Defined Networking: FSC will focus on issues related to SDN security challenges as well as opportunities.

Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-01-06

Draft paper acceptance notification:2018-02-20

Final paper submission deadline:2018-03-05

Topics of submission

Researchers are encouraged to submit original research contributions in all major areas, which include, but not limited to:

  • SDN and network design

  • SDN controllers and applications vulnerabilities

  • SDN and access control issues

  • Future programmable firewalls

  • Autonomous firewalls and IDS/IPS

  • SDN and wireless security issues

  • Virtualization and cloud security

  • SDN and security in data centers

  • SDN and security in education

  • SDN and vehicular communication security challenges and opportunities


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