On behalf of the Nano-Innovate HOUSTON 2019 Organizing Committee, it's an honor to welcome you to the annual International Conference on nanomedicine in Houston, Texas for 2019. The committee has chosen a venue that dissolves technical boundaries to build a successfully unique conference. Nano-Innovate Houston 2019 is a conference venue, which cements the understanding that scientific research must work alongside industry and market leaders to ensure the development progresses toward viable patient therapeutics. This interdisciplinary collaborative will provide an intellectual vehicle to bring diverse groups of audiences together to explore research and commercial developments with an overarching goal to advance the quality of a patient's life through technology. We are committed to cultivate collaborations. Supporting the potential to translate the academic research innovations into the market seamlessly. 

Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center. The TMC is a leader and medical innovation pioneer that straddle the impossible of impossible. Since the inception of the TMC, its medical community continues to transform the meaning of improving the quality of a patient's life. Nano-Innovate Houston 2019 will bring together physicians, scientists and engineers in the intersection of nanotechnology and medicine. If you or your organization is interested, we are currently seeking national and international supporters, partners, sponsors, symposium organizers, and international board members to develop the diverse interdisciplinary environment for Nano-Innovate Houston 2019. Please send your interest through the contact form below. The conference provides a unique forum for highlighting the latest research results in therapeutics, diagnostics, theranostics and regenerative medicine. 

The Nano-Innovate Houston 2019 organizing committee is developing strategies for workshops organized by industrial and professional society partners. Our committee is expecting to host a variety of symposiums to disseminate the clinical trials learnings for nanomedicine applications. The conference will also have preconference workshops and a business day. The workshops will cover specific human health disease areas not covered within the technical scope of the conference! During the business day, businesses have the opportunity to highlight their organization products and/or services within the nanomedicine industry. This increased visibility can become a vehicle to gain further exposure and exemplify your specific skillset as an authority in nanomedicine on a local, national, and global stage at Nano-Innovate Houston 2019. 

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