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The Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP), is an expensive but high rate artificial lift technology. ESPs account for almost one third of the total artificial lift systems globally. Based on field development plans, an increase in ESP application is projected worldwide, mainly in mature fields. Since the first successful ESP installation some 100 years ago, ESP technology has advanced incredibly, improving the application of ESPs to endure high gas production, high viscosity crude, high wellbore temperature, sand production, and unconventional wells which have declining production rates, frac sand and unsteady flow regimes.
In the current low oil price environment, which may not change for some years to come, how can artificial lift manufacturers, suppliers and users join forces to maximise their corresponding revenues and application of this amazing technology? This ESP Workshop, a focused event, aims to facilitate discussions and collaborations on many aspects of ESP application such as; technical application, operational excellence, lifecycle cost, lowest total cost of operation, contract management, as well as alignment of objectives between operator and service company. It is also important to consider how local content or in-country value initiatives can increase the contribution of the local workforce to improve cost effective application of ESP technology in the Middle East and other parts of the world,, thereby helping service companies and operators develop a skilled local workforce, reduce costs and achieve efficiency in a low oil price environment.
Workshop technical sessions will look at standards and practices, current technical challenges and mitigations, technological advancements, surveillance and optimisation, operational efficiency, and electricity aspect on ESPs, amongst other important topics, enabling efforts to maximise ESP lifting value and excellence. The workshop will be preceded by a one-day ESP seminar, "Squeezing Lowest Total Cost of Operation from Your ESPs", to coach the early career and older workforce to establish a platform for mentoring, personal development and excellence in use of ESPs.
Workshop exhibits will showcase ground-breaking technologies to help meet the current challenges, and consider future innovative technologies, such as surface and subsurface equipment, surveillance and analytics, to maximise ESP lifting value.


会议主席 Atika Bimani

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