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The biannual conference, NordiCHI, is the main Nordic forum for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. NordiCHI addresses the field broadly and is a meeting place for researchers from academia and industry, designers, practitioners, educators and others working within HCI and related disciplines.
The theme of NordiCHI 2018 is revisiting the life cycle. The theme life cycles broadly address changes within the field of HCI. We want to provoke reflections and understandings around design process life cycles and how increasingly complex entanglements of use and design transcend the old divisions between design and use of interactive technologies. Furthermore, critical reflections on the sustainability of digital artifacts challenge a narrow view of technology life cycles, both from a philosophical and an empirical perspective. How do we design for continued use? How do we design for different rhythms of use (every day vs. once a year)? How do we design for different time periods in the human life cycle (children, teens, adults, aging)? Temporality: smaller or larger rhythms and cycles, can give new perspectives on HCI and responsible and value-based design. Thinking about life cycles foregrounds issues of temporality, permanence, and durability of HCI concepts, methods, tools, artifacts. We want to open up to address how the field changes today and what we as a community consider to matter most when stretching towards the future.

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Affective computingAmbient intelligenceArtistic and aesthetic aspects of interaction and interface designDesign casesDesign methods and methodologiesValue-based designSustainabilityCircular EconomiesExperience DesignDesign for resilienceResponsible designTemporalities in HCIEnd-user developmentEvaluation methodsGames and PlayGroup and organization interfacesResearch through DesignInnovative interface designInterface agents and interface charactersInterfaces supporting learningModels of interactionModes of InteractionInteractions and timeMultimodal interfacesInteraction techniques and devicesParticipatory designStudies of organizations and design processesInnovation studies and HCIInteractive surfacesTheory and foundation of HCIUbiquitous, pervasive, and mobile interactionUniversal access and international interfacesSociety and HCI (digital humanities, design activism, design for civic engagement etc.)

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