This joint conference is the one event in 2018 where international researchers, manufacturers, service providers, owners of structures and those active in training, validation and standardization of nondestructive evaluation for civil infrastructure will discuss state-of-the-art as well as innovative NDE technologies, advanced modeling and best practices. The joint conference provides an open space for exchange of ideas, new developments, testing needs from owners, asset management and research.
Time on Monday will be allotted for attendees to visit the Bridge Evaluation and Accelerated Structural Testing Laboratory, aka the BEAST, at Rutgers University. The BEAST uses extreme traffic and environmental loading, 24/7, to simulate decades of wear and tear in just months, giving data about deterioration and performance sooner than ever imagined. Transportation on Monday will be provided to and from the Hyatt Hotel.

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Suggested program topics include:
Role of NDT/NDE in Condition Assessment, Forensic Investigation, and Structural Health MonitoringBridgesPavementsTunnels and CulvertsLight Poles and Sign SupportsPre-stressed and Post-Tensioned MembersTendons and CablesScour Evaluation and MonitoringOverhead Sign Support StructuresFoundationsRole Of NDT/NDE in Construction Quality ManagementQuality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) during ConstructionInspection at Fabrication FacilitiesBaseline MeasurementsMonitoring During Accelerated ConstructionInspection of Innovative MaterialsRecent Innovations in NDT/NDEInnovative NDE MethodsAdvanced NDE AnalysisCombined/Complementary NDE Methods (Data Fusion, Integration, Visualization)Innovative Sensors for Civil InfrastructureRapid Non-contact Sensing MethodsUse of Automation and Robotics in Inspection of Civil InfrastructureVirtual NDE Resources for Education and TrainingAutomated Data Analysis and InterpretationMultiple Method IntegrationAerial Mounted Sensor ApplicationsComplementary Use of NDE in SHMReliability of NDT/NDEProbability of DetectionLimitations of Existing MethodsValidation Reference SpecimensField ValidationRole of NDT/NDE and SHM Data for Load Rating, Structural Response Modeling, Deterioration Modeling and the Estimation of Remaining Service Life/ Structural Stiffness/Residual StrengthUse of NDE and SHM in Understanding Structural Response and Verification of Design AssumptionsQualification and Performance Testing of NDT Bridge Inspection PractitionersSHM for Support of Preservation


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    29 Aug.


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