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Abstract submission deadline:2017-12-01

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本次会议主题包括:1. 社会中的权力结构与音乐教授以及正式学习的教学机构之间的关系( Relationships between power structures in society and music teaching and pedagogy institutions of formal learning);2. 社会中的权力结构与非正式的学习以及私人教授的音乐传播实践之间的关系(Relationships between power structures in society and music transmission practices of informal learning and private teaching);3.音乐所创造出的、并被不同的社会人群所践行的“植入的价值”如何被文化的、社会的、政治的、和经济的动向所塑造,这一方式大受认可和褒奖(How cultural, social, political and economic dynamics shape the embedded value music(s) created and performed by different social groups of people is largely recognized and awarded);4.音乐如何从历史上和习俗上被赋予“‘内禀的’/袭承的价值”的概念,这一问题仍然存在于众多社会中和学术环境中,塑造着音乐的流派/风格以及教授方式——可能包括在学术机构、音乐文凭、资助机会等之中,也可能排除于它们之外(How the concept of “intrinsic”/inherited value historically and customarily attributed to music still persists in a number of societies and academic environments, shaping the genres/styles of music and teaching methods that are included – or excluded – from academic institutions, music degrees, funding opportunities etc.)。


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