The scope of the conference is to showcase futuristic technologies focused on Digital transformation of power delivery, Energy storage systems & solutions, IoT and e Transportation and the opportunities therein

Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2017-12-22

Draft paper acceptance notification:2018-01-22

Final paper submission deadline:2018-02-15

Call for paper description

Track – 1: Power Electronics & Digital Transformation of Power Delivery :

Sensors and Technologies, Analytical Modeling of Generator & its Components, Architectural Design of Digital Power System, Asset Performance Management, Operation Optimization, Business Optimization, Control and Monitoring, Security Issues, Service Delivery, Fault Management, Energy Audit, Communication Technologies, Data Communication & Processing. Application of Power Electronics in Power Systems, Protection, Distributed Generation, HVDC, Power System Stability and Control, Applications in Blackouts.–Power Quality Issues Active and Passive Filters, UPQC, DVR, High Power Factor Converters, Multi-Level Converters and Inverters. Renewable energy systems Wind power, Solar PV, Tidal, wave, and hydro power systems. Electronics Devices and Circuits Novel/Modified switching devices for Power Electronics Applications and their switching techniques, Switch-mode power supplies, EMC and Power quality, Advanced switching Techniques and Concepts of soft switching, microwave and millimeter wave technology.

Track – 2: Energy Storage Systems and Solutions :

Storage Technologies, Thermo-mechanical Storage, Grid Storage Systems, Sodium & Lithium Batteries, Flow Batteries, Capacity Delivery, Metal air batteries, Fuel Cells, Super Capacitors,  Mechanical energy storage (liquid & compressed air, flywheel) Integration and Management System benefits,  Regulation and Policy, Advanced diagnostics and characterization.

Track – 3: IoT, AI and Electricity :

IoT to Reduce Losses in Electric Power Distribution, IoT, effect on grid operators and opportunities, IoT Deployment: Design challenges, Enabling the Smart Consumer, Deep Learning Mechanisms for Intelligent Electricity, Intelligent Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Intelligent Controls and Monitoring, Use of IoT and AI for Power System Diagnostics, Smart and Micro Grids, Use of IoT & AI in Power Electronics Systems & Drives.

Track – 4: e – Transportation :

Use of IoT and AI for Power System Diagnostics, Smart and Micro Grids, Power Electronics and Electric Motor Drives, Electric Machines and Actuators, Thermal Management, Packing, and Optimization for Traction Drive Systems, Battery, Battery Management, Charging Systems and Infrastructure, Electric, Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Architectures, Connected and Automated Vehicles, Smart Mobility, and Vehicle Security, Electrification of Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Vehicles, Electrical Systems and Components for Sea, Undersea, Air and Space Vehicles, Modeling, Simulation and Control, Codes, Standards, Policies, and Regulations for Transportation Electrification, Different Faults and Solutions in electric vehicles. Machine Control and Its Industrial Applications Novel converter/inverter topologies, AC and DC Drive Systems, permanent-magnet and reluctance machines, Special machines, Motion control system, Application of Power Electronics to Transportation Traction, Marine propulsion, Aerospace Starter/generator systems, and Electric/fuel cell/hybrid vehicles, Energy efficiency and Integrated drives.


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