The IEEE Antennas and Propagation, Microwave Theory & Techniques and Electromagnetic Compatibility Joint Chapter, Malaysia is organizing the 7th IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM) .

RFM2018 is to be held in Penang on December 17 – 19, 2018.

RFM provides excellent opportunities for researchers and industrialists working in areas related to RF and microwave technology to present research findings and exchange views and experience.

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Fully sponsored by the IEEE AP/MTT/EMC (Antennas and Propagation, Microwave Theory and Techniques and Electromagnetic Compatibility) Joint Chapter of Malaysia, the RFM conference series are organized alternately with the IEEE APACE. The event is intended to provide an international forum on research progress and developments in electromagnetic wave theory, microwave, millimeter wave and THz technology, wireless communication technology and related fields. Academics and practitioners working in the domain of applied electromagnetics are solicited to present latest research findings and best practices, share ideas and initiate networking and collaboration.

All submissions will be peer reviewed by an international panel of reviewers. Papers presented at the conference are considered for publication in IEEE Xplore Online Database and indexed in SCOPUS.

Researchers are invited to submit full papers in the areas of interest that include, but are not limited to the following conference tracks:

A: Active Devices and Circuits
Low-noise devices and circuits, high-power devices and circuits, wide band-gap devices, microwave tubes, control circuits (mixer, oscillator, switch, etc.), MMICs, RFICs, millimeter and THz wave devices and circuits, graphene devices, rectennas, and others.

B: Passive Components
Multiband, broadband, tunable, and reconfigurable filters, resonators, directional couplers and hybrids, waveguides and transmission lines, isolators, power dividers

C: Field, Device and Circuit Technologies
RF IC , Ferrite and SAW devices, RF MEMS, LTCC devices, packaging, metamaterials and EBG structures, plasmonic and optical components, nanomaterials, and others.

D: Systems & Applications
Wireless and cellular communication systems, high-speed and broadband millimeter and THz wave systems, MIMO systems, microwave photonics, radar and sensor systems, autonomous driving systems, IoT/M2M/RFID systems, wearable devices and systems, security and health monitoring systems, wireless power transfer systems, energy harvesting devices and systems, microwave medical and biomedical applications systems, digital broadcasting systems, whitespace systems, software defined/cognitive/smart radio systems, satellite systems, near/far field OTA measurement systems, measurement techniques, EMC, and others.

E: Antennas and Propagation
Scattering and propagation, EM field theory, DOA estimation, antenna theory and design, millimeter-wave/THz and optical antennas, small antennas, broadband and multi-band antennas, MIMO antennas, active adaptive and smart antennas, antenna measurements, reconfigurable antennas, and others.

F: Emerging Technologies and Applications
5G, IoT and others

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