The goal is to provide an annual forum for exchanging ideas, challenges, and research results on big data and smart computing which has have drawn more attention from computer science and information technology as well as from social sciences and other disciplines. : techniques, models And algorithms for big data; tools and systems for big data; machine learning and artificial intelligence for big data; data mining and data science; web search and information retrieval; infrastructure and platform for smart Computing Hardware; cloud and grid computing For big data; Hardware/software infrastructure for big data; security and privacy for big data; mobile communications and networks; smart devices and hardware; smart location-based services;And big data applications, bioinformatics,Multimedia, smartphones, etc.

Call for paper


The topics of interest for BigComp 2019 include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Web search and information retrieval
  • Models and tools for smart computing
  • Cloud and grid computing for big data
  • Security and privacy for big data
  • Smart devices and hardware
  • Big data applications: Bioinformatics, 
    Multimedia, Smartphones, etc.
  • Tools and systems for big data
  • Data mining, graph mining and data science
  • Infrastructure and platform for smart computing
  • Big data analytics and social media
  • Hardware/software infrastructure for big data
  • Mobile communications and networks
  • Smart location-based services

Author guidelines

Papers can be either regular or short papers, where regular papers are limited to 8 pages and short ones to 4 pages. Papers must follow the IEEE two-column format. The submission site and more detailed information will be announced later.

  • Selected papers will be invited for publication in international journals
  • Several workshops will be organized in the BigComp 2019 conference


Conference General Co-Chairs

Masatoshi Yoshikawa

Kyoto University

Jongwon Choe

Sookmyung Women's University

Program Co-Chairs

Hiroyuki Kitagawa

University of Tsukuba

Walid Saad

Virginia Tech

Kyuseok Shim

Seoul National University

Jie Tang

Tsinghua University

Finance Co-Chairs

Jinho Kim

Kangwon National University

Shinsuke Nakajima

Kyoto Sangyo University

Nobutaka Suzuki

University of Tsukuba

Steering Committee Liaison

Kyu-Young Whang


Publication Co-Chairs

Toshiyuki Amagasa

University of Tsukuba

Wookey Lee

Inha University

Jun Miyazaki

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Publicity Co-Chairs

Yoshiharu Ishikawa

Nagoya University

Bin Cui

Peking University

Publicity Committee Members

Ichiro Ide

Nagoya University

Satoshi Oyama

Hokkaido University

Masato Oguchi

Ochanomizu University

Tutorial Co-Chairs

Guozhu Dong

Wright State University

Ee-Peng Lim

Singapore Management University

Alexander Löser

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Workshop Co-Chairs

Atsuyuki Morishima

Tsukuba University

Teresa Vazao

Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

Ji Wu

Tsinghua University

Local Arrangement Co-Chairs

Makoto P. Kato

Kyoto University

Yoshiyuki Shoji

Kyoto University

Registration Chair

Toshiyuki Shimizu

Kyoto University

Web Chair

Takehiro Yamamoto

Kyoto University


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    27 Feb.



    02 Mar.


  • 03 Sep.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 26 Nov.


    Draft paper acceptance notification

  • 14 Dec.


    Final paper deadline

Contact information

  • Shinsuke NAKAJIMA
  • +81 90-8193-9894

Organized By

  • Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers - KIISE