The 2nd East Asian Workshop on Astrostatistics will be held in Nanjing (9th-13th) and Guiyang (16th -20th), China in July 2018. This workshop is opened to students and astronomers in East Asia who have interests in practical use of statistics and of state-of-the-art statistical tools applicable to astrophysical problems.

The main purpose of this workshop is to provide the graduate students, post-docs and researchers in China, as well as other East Asian countries, with an opportunity to learn the analysis and evaluation process of the modern astronomical data. Prof. Eric Feigelson from Penn State University will be the instructor of the workshop and the workshop will be modeled on previous Penn State Summer Schools organised by him.

Prof. Feigelson has collaborated with statisticians at Penn State for 30 years and has been involved in the development of the field of astrostatistics. He is inaugural President of the International Astronomical Union Commission on Astroinformatics & Astrostatistics.  He runs annual Summer Schools in Statistics for Astronomers since 2005, and authored the award-winning graduate text Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications.


Organizing Committe
Xue Suijian (薛随建, Chair, NAOC)
Kaz Sekiguchi (Co-Chair, NAOJ)
Li Di (李菂, NAOC)
Pan Jun (盘军, PMO/NAOC)
Wu Xuefeng (吴雪峰, PMO)

Local Organizing Committe
Cui Chenzhou (崔辰州, Chair, NAOC)
Dong Aijun (董爱军, Co-Chair, Guizhou Normal Univ.)
Jin Lu (金璐, PMO)
Liu Yi (刘怡, Co-Chair, PMO)
Tao Yihan (陶一寒, Co-Chair, NAOC)
Xu Ang (徐昂, NAOC)
Zhang Yanxia (张彦霞, NAOC)


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    09 Jul.



    20 Jul.


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