This series of events, which began in 2003, aims to promote / disseminate the use of new technologies in Education, with special emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The XXVI edition of the Cycle of Lectures New Technologies in Education will be carried. Out by   CINTED - Interdisciplinary Center for New Technologies in Education   in conjunction with the   Program of Post-Graduation in Informatics in Education of UFRGS  , from September 17 to 19, 2018, in Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul.

Authors are invited to submit unpublished articles that have not been been published and are not in the process of being published in other events or periodicals.

Call for paper


The themes of the articles may involve reports, studies, research and results derived from teaching and research related to the use of ICT in Education. Topics of interest in this issue are listed below, but articles addressing other topics involving the use of ICTs in Education may also be accepted:

  • Learning Paths
  • Design and development of educational objects
  • Digital educational content repositories
  • ICTs and their effects on the configuration of cognitive ecologies
  • Computer-supported Collaborative Learning
  • Educational theories applied to ICTs
  • Distance Education
  • Educational games
  • Video conference
  • Educational Video
  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • 3D Immersive Environments
  • Digital inclusion
  • Semantic Web
  • Ontologies
  • Free software on education
  • Digital laboratories
  • Open Massive Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Informatics in Special Education
  • Mobile Learning

The articles selected and presented in the XXVI Cycle of Lectures New Technologies in Education will be published as event annals. The articles that obtain the best evaluations during the selection process will be invited to submit an extended version to the  Revista Informática em Educação: Teoria & Prática .

Author guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Submissions of full and short articles for the XXVI Cycle of Lectures on New Technologies in Education should be carried out in eletronic format, in PDF files, through the Easy Chair conference system at the address indicated below:

Attention: Other forms of submission, e.g., hard copy, email and so on, will not be accepted. Also, the event follows a blind review process, and thus authors should omit any information that may identify them in the article. Articles that do not follow these recommendations will automatically be excluded from the review process..

All submissions must, necessarily, follow the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) paper template

Some additional recommendations should be observed:

  • Full articles should have 08 (eight) to 10 (ten) pages including tables, figures and bibliographical references;
  • Short articles should have 04 (four) to 05 (five) pages including tables, figures and bibliographical references;
  • Submissions should not have been previously published or be in the process of evaluation or editing for publication in another journal/conference;
  • The title page of the article should not contain any type of identification of the authors (articles that have identification will be immediately rejected);
  • If the article is accepted, the authors should include in the final version their data (names, affiliations, and e-mails, as well as other information necessary for the article - e.g., citations to other authors' works);
  • The electronic address for submitting the file with the final version is the same as the submission address;
  • Language: Portuguese, French, English or Spanish will be accepted;
  • Submissions that are not finalized (with data requested by Easy Chair and the corresponding file duly uploaded according to established rules) will be urgent rejected;
  • The article that is approved will be published in the proceedings of the event, provided that, at least one author effectively registers the event and presents the work.


General Coordination
José Valdeni De Lima

Deputy General Coordinator:
Leandro Wives

Deputy Coordinators
Rafaela Ribeiro Jardim 
Dauster Souza Pereira

Organizing Committee
Dauster Souza Pereira 
Fabrício Herpich 
Felipe Becker Nunes 
Francisco Dutra 
Igor Kuhn 
José Valdeni de Lima 
Kelly Hannel 
Maria Angelica Figueiredo Oliveira 
Paulo Santana Rocha 
Rafaela Ribeiro Jardim

Program Committee
Aliane Loureiro Krassmann 
Ana Marli Bulegon 
Anelise Jantsch 
António José da Silva 
Carlos Tadeu Queiroz de Morais 
Christian Puhlmann Brackmann 
Dauster Souza Pereira 
Eduardo Barrére 
Érico Marcelo Hoff do Amaral 
Fabrício Herpich 
Felipe Becker Nunes 
Fabrícia Damando Santos 
Franco Bernardo Simbine 
Francisco Dutra 
Giani Petri 
Giliane Bernardi 
Gilse Antoninha Morgental Falkembach 
Gleizer Bierhalz Voss 
Herik Zednik Rodrigues 
Igor Kuhn 
Jorge Nazareno Batista Melo 
José Valdeni de Lima 
Kelly Hannel 
Leandro Krug Wives
Leandro Rosniak Tibola 
Magda Bercht 
Manoel Neto 
Manuel Constantino Zunguze 
Maria Angélica Figueiredo 
Patrícia Blini Estivalete 
Patrícia Grasel Silveira 
Paulo Santana Rocha 
Roseclea Duarte Medina 
Rosana Wagner 
Roges Grandi 
Sansão Timbane 
Taciano Balardin de Oliveira 
Tito Armando Rossi Filho


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    17 Sep.



    19 Sep.


  • 08 Jul.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 12 Aug.


    Final paper deadline

Contact information

  • (51) 3308-4504