The International Conference on Computer and Applications ICCA'18 (Third Edition) is an annual event focusing on state of the art technologies pertaining to digital information, communications and multimedia. It addresses all applications of computing including (topics) connected health, bioinformatics, information security, assistive technology, edutainment and serious games, education, grid computing, transportation, social computing, natural language processing, knowledge extraction and reasoning, Arabic apps, image and pattern processing, virtual reality, cloud computing, haptics, information security, robotics, networks algorithms, web engineering, big data analytics, ontology, constraints satisfaction, cryptography and steganography, Fuzzy logic, soft computing, neural networks, Materials and Devices for next generation computing & communications, artificial intelligence, biometry and bio-informatics, embedded systems, computer graphics, algorithms and optimization, Internet of things and smart cities. It is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to meet and discuss the recent trends in computer applications. It opens a new horizon for research collaboration locally and internationally.


Prof. Amin Haj-Ali (LEBANON)

Prof. Ahmad ElRafhi (ULF DEAN)

Prof. Jihad M. AlJa'am (IEEE Computer Sociaty TC on (1) Learning Technology and (2) Business Informatics and Systems)

Honorary Chairs

H. E. Abdul Rahim Mrad - Former Minister of Education and Minister of Defense - Lebanon

 Prof. Ayoub Fouad, President of Lebanese University

Prof. Mouin Hamze, CNRS - Lebanon

Conference Chairs

Prof. Jihad M. AlJa'am

Prof. Amin Haj-Ali

Prof. Ahmad ELRAFHI

Managing Editor

Dr. Nabil Khelifi, Springer

Publicity Chairs

Prof. Samir Abou El Seoud

Prof. Tingwen Huang

Prof. Dhyaa Azzawy

Prof. Hamid Mcheick 

Finance Chair

Eng. Dana Bandock 

Technical ProgramCommittee

  • Prof. Abdulmutaleb Elsaddik (Chair, IEEE FELLOW, Canada)

  • Prof. Adnan Harb (BIU)

  • Prof. Nizar AlHolou (USA)

  • Prof. Doru Ursutiu

  • Prof. Tingwen Huang

  • Prof. Amir Hooshang Mazinan

  • Prof. Hojjat Adeli

  • Prof. Hassan Artail (AUB)

  • Prof. Fouad Hajj-Hassan (LU)

  • Prof. AL Aghbari

  • Dr. Fadi Zaraket (AUB)

  • Prof. Zakaria Maamr (IEEE CS)

  • Prof. Nazih Alderinee

  • Prof. Amro Al-Masree

  • Dr. Osama Halabi

  • Dr. Falah Awwad

  • Dr. Maher Assaad

  • Dr. Salem Salem (PU)

  • Dr. Mehdi Ehsanian

  • Dr. Maher Assaad

  • Dr. Aman Chadha

  • Prof. Patrick S. P. Wang

  • Dr. Sumaya Al-Maadeed (IEEE)

  • Dr. Ali Hage-Diab (BIU)

  • Dr. Bassam Hussein (BIU)

  • Dr. Hussein Hijazi (BIU)

  • Dr. Mohammad Raad (BIU)

  • Dr. Mohammad S Abou Chahine

  • Dr. Ziad Noun (LIU)

  • Prof. Chadi Assi

  • Prof. Ahmad Muhieddine (BIU)

  • Prof. Ali Assi (BIU)

  • Dr. Sugam Sharma

  • Dr. Noora Fetais (IEEE)

  • Prof. Majida AlAsady

  • Dr.Mohammed AbouBakr Elashiri

  • Dr. Justin Varghese

  • Dr. Mohamed Mellal

  • Dr. Khalid Abualsaud (SIEEE)

  • Dr. Essam Rashed

  • Dr. Aiman Erbad

  • Prof. Abdelbadeeh Salem

  • Prof. Mohsen Gizani (FIEEE)

  • Prof. Jinana Faidhi

  • Prof. Dhyaa Azzawy

  • Dr. Saleh Al Hazbi

  • Prof. Omara Karam (BUE)

  • Dr. Muhammad Khan

  • Dr. Rajkumar Ganesan

  • Dr. Saudia Subash

  • Dr. Nabil Sahli

  • Dr. N. Lakhoua

  • Prof. Jianfeng Ma

  • Dr. Majida Al Asady

  • Prof. Albert Zomaya

  • Prof. Hassan Ali Artail

  • Dr. J. Subash Bose

  • Prof. Samy Ghoneimy (BUE)

  • Prof. Ali M. Jaoua

  • Dr. Ahmed Farouk

  • Dr. Jalal Akaichi

  • Dr. Naren Jeeva

  • Prof. Ali El-Zaart

  • Prof. Ali Haidar

  • Prof. Mohammad Khalil (IEEE)

  • Prof. Adrian Constantin

  • Prof. Hamid Mcheick

  • Dr. Hicham Hage

  • Prof. Wenliang Du

  • Dr. Majdi Rawashdeh

  • Dr. Mohamad EID (IEEE)

  • Prof. Peter Mark Athanas

  • Prof. Sabah Mohammad

  • Dr. Ali Harmush

  • Prof. Youcef Baghdadi

  • Dr. Mohsin Bilal

  • Prof. Nima Bari

  • Dr. Nader Hossain

  • Dr. Daouad Daouad

  • Prof. Samir A. Elsaoud

  • Prof. Mohamed Jemni

  • Prof. Sadok Benyahia

  • Dr. Borhan Marzougui

  • Prof. Fadi Dornaika

  • Prof. Abdul Sadka

  • Prof. Med Salim Bouhlel

  • Prof. Ali Elzaart

  • Prof. A. Vasilakos

  • Prof. Hany Ammar

  • Dr. Islam Taj-Eddin

  • Dr. Borhan Marzougui

  • Dr. Mohamad HajHassan

  • Prof.. Jinan Fiaidhi

  • Dr. Ahmad S. Mashhour

  • Prof. ELSayed ElHorbaty

  • Prof. Mudasser F. Wyne

  • Prof. Abdel Badi Salem

  • Dr. Mohamed M. Yeddes

  • Prof. Ezekiel F. Adebiyi

  • Prof. Wald. Koczkodaj

  • Prof. Taleb Obaid (Dean)

  • Prof. Azlinah Mohamed

  • Prof. Abdelaziz Bouras

  • Dr. Mohamed A. Mellal

  • Prof. Arthur Edwards

  • Dr. Hossam El Sofany

  • Prof. Arafat Awajan

  • Dr. Soumaya Chaffar

  • Dr. Chafaa Hamrouni

  • Dr. Abderrahim Maizate

  • Dr. Nasser Issa 

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline


  • Ad hoc networks

  • Body and personal area networks

  • Cloud and virtual networks

  • Cybersecurity applications

  • Cooperative networks

  • Fault tolerant

  • Future wireless Internet

  • Green wireless networks

  • Local dependent networks

  • Location management

  • Mobile and wireless IP

  • Authentication, and authorization

  • Cloud computing, virtualization, and service-oriented architectures

  • Connected vehicle systems

  • Content caching and delivery

  • Context awareness in pervasive systems

  • Economy and management of 5G networks

  • Edge computing applications

  • Emerging wireless/mobile applications

  • Intrusion detection in wireless networks

  • Mobile and wireless Internet services

  • Mobile e-health

  • Mobile multimedia services

  • Optimisation algorithms



  • Mobile computing

  • Multi-hop networks

  • Network architectures

  • Routing, QoS and scheduling

  • Satellite communications

  • Self-organising networks

  • UAV networks

  • Vehicular networks

  • Wireless multicasting, and broadcasting

  • Wireless sensor networks

  • Wireless mulimedia broadcasting

  • Internet of things applications

  • Secure networks and services

  • Smart homes, offices, and cities

  • Graph applications and algorithms

  • Ontology and semantic web

  • User interfaces and interactions

  • Virtual reality and immersive world

  • Sensors and applications

  • Security and privacy of data and systems

  • Big data analytics and applications

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence

  • Serious games and edutainment

  • e-Learning applications

  • Mobils payment services


Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work written in English that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by other conferences or journals according to the following IEEE format MS WORD OR LATEX Templates

Paper submission is done through EDAS ( management system. Authors who cannot access the EDAS system, can send their submission to ICCA'18 SUBMISSION. Authors should submit a signed letter stating that they will not submit their paper to other conferences or journals before the final notification of the conference chair.

Special privileges will be given to young researchers (i.e., PhDs, Research Assistant, Postdoctoral fellow) to publish their work and participate in the conference. In fact, we would like to encourage them to be more engaged in research. ICCA'18 will be an excellent opportunity for young researchers to meet with world-class scholars and discuss with them their findings.

Camera-Ready - IEEE PDF eXpress:

  • You are encouraged to correct all content, spelling, and grammatical errors before using IEEE PDF eXpress.
  • After using IEEE PDF eXpress, submit your IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF by 26 June 2018
  • Enter 43450X for the Conference ID, then your email and selected password

IEEE Copyright: A copyright form per paper should be provided with your final version. PDF Download. You can sign the IEEE electronic copyright directly through EDAS system from your account. Please login to your account with your credentials, go to your paper and you will find the copyright icon. Click on it and follow the steps.

Camera Ready

The final deadline to submit your final version is July 17, 2018. MS Word template: ieeeconf_A4.docx - LaTeX style file:

1. Proofread your manuscript before uploading it in EDAS. 
2. Check your manuscript for IEEEXplore compatibility using IEEE PDF eXpress:

a. Go to IEEE PDF eXpress: 
b. Create IEEE PDF eXpress account. ICCA'18 code is 43450X
c. Upload your manuscript for conversion

3. Submit your final, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF to ICCA'18 through EDAS.

  A4 Paper
Paper Size (8.27x11.69)in (21x29.7)cm
Top margin (1st page) 1.0in 2.54cm
Top margin (rest) 0.75in 1.9cm
Left margin 0.75in 1.9cm
Right margin 0.52in 1.32cm
Bottom margin 1.44in 3.67cm
Text width 7.0in 1.78cm
Text height 9.5in 24.13cm
Column width 3.4in 8.63cm
Column separation 0.2in 0.5cm


 Procedure for IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF:

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Continue to enter information as prompted.
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You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup. Check that the contact information is still valid, and click “Submit”.
You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.

Ehical Requirements

The conference chairs requires that authors of submitted paper should provide a seperate letter uploaded with the paper stating that:

  • The paper is original and was not published before.
  • It is the own work of the author(s).
  • The paper is submitted solely to ICCA'18 and will not be submitted to any other conference or journal before the final decision of ICCA'18 chairs.
  • The paper does not have any plagiarism contents.
  • The author will register the paper by three days after the acceptance notification.
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  • May 23 2018

    Draft paper submission deadline

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