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REDEC 2018 is a specific scientific conference that helps in finding innovative and adequate solutions for energy saving and production in developing countries. During the first REDEC 2012, the second REDEC 2014 and the third REDEC 2016 conferences, participants from across the globe have discussed the scientific issues that were presented and subsequently published in IEEE Xplore.
Due to the fruitful results, the organization of REDEC 2018 has started with additional types of sessions with new proposed topics giving more chance to a wide profile of participants to present their work in the domain of renewable energy and related research.

Renewable energies like solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biofuel and others are extensively found in developing countries. Although some of these countries are involved in very important renewable energy projects, most of them suffer from the weakness of scientific and economic planning, the reduced financial means, and the lack of technical knowhow. This conference will give opportunities to researchers from all over the world to discuss scientific issues that help in improving the renewable energy production in developing countries. The suggested solutions and strategies that will be presented in this conference may encourage investors to support the implementation in these countries of renewable energy generation stations.

REDEC 2018 will be held on 1-2 November 2018 at Beirut which is the city of mixed cultures. It has around five thousand years of history. Discovered ruins in Beirut Downtown show the traces of Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusader and Ottoman civilizations. Visiting Beirut is a great opportunity to see how contrasts in the architecture, in the convictions, and in the way of living may coexist.


Honorary Chairs
Hervé Sabourin, AUF, Lebanon 
Said Chehab, ALMEE, Lebanon
Gilbert Menguy, Solaire sans Frontières, France
Jad Tabet, OEA of Beirut, Lebanon

General Chair
Imad Mougharbel, LU, Lebanon

Technical Program Committee 
Hadi Y. Kanaan, USJ-ESIB, Lebanon
Talal Salem, NDU, Lebanon
Mazen Ghandour, LU, Lebanon 
Ali Assi, LIU, Lebanon

International Advisory Board
Hamid El Qarnia, Morocco
Salif Gaye, Senegal
Kamal Al-Haddad, ETS,Canada
Aziz Naamane, France
Bassam Ouiada, France
Maarouf Saad, Canada
Mohammad Salah, Jordan
Ahmed Zobaa, UK

Publication Chairs
Semaan Georges, NDU, Lebanon
Adnan Jouni, ALMEE, Lebanon
Khalil Khoury, LU, Lebanon

Publicity Chairs
Richard Maroun, USJ/FS,Lebanon
Rita Najjar, LU / ALMEE, Lebanon
Tilda Akiki, USEK, Lebanon

Scientific Committee
Abdel Ouahab Aitouche, France
Habib El Andaloussi, Algeria
Sary Awad, France
Rafic Bachnak, USA
Assaad Bakkar, Ecotech, France
Khaled Benjelloun, Ecole Mohammadia, Maroc
Mohamed Becherif, France
Magda Bou Dagher Karrat, USJ, Lebanon
Concettina Buccella,  Italy
Richard Cantin, ENTPE, France
Mohamed Djemai, France
Imad El-Hage Chehade, IRI, Lebanon
Mohamed El Mankiki, France
Mohamad El-Zoubi, Jordan
Mahieddine Emziane, UAE
Farouk Fardoun, LU / IUT, Lebanon
Ayman Flah, National School of Engineering of Gabès, Tunisia
Ahmad Habli, France
Mustapha Hamad, NDU, Lebanon
Daniel Hissel, France
Tamara Hussein, Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq
Hussein Ibrahim, Canada
Walid Kamali, MUT, Lebanon
Nahi Kandil, Canada
Fakherdine Keyrouz, NDU, Lebanon
Elias Kinab, LU, Lebanon
Nicolas Louka, USJ-FS, Lebanon
Chantal Maatouk Riachi, ESIB, Lebanon
Adel Mourtada, LU/ALMEE, Lebanon
Elias Nassar, NDU, Lebanon
Bechara Nehme, USEK, Lebanon
Ziad Obeid, ULF, Lebanon
Djaffar Ould Abdeslam, France
Christoforos Perakis, Greece
Dominique Salameh, FS-USJ, Lebanon
Padmanaban Sanjeevikumar, India
Statis Stelepis, Greece
Joseph Zalaket, USEK, Lebanon

Finance Chair
Tony Matar, ALMEE, Lebanon   

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

A. Renewable Energy Resources: wind, solar, biomass, hydraulic, geothermal, waves, tidal, etc.

B. Renewable Energy Conversion: Electrical power converters, fuel cells, photovoltaic panels, heating and cooling.

C. Energy Storage: Electrical storage, hydraulic storage, thermal storage.

D. Energy Management, Saving and Efficiency: Optimal management process, control algorithms, smart grids, grid connectivity and control, DC micro-grids, green and zero consumption buildings, energy recovery, energy harvesting, standards.

E. Policies and legislation related to renewable energy: Capacity building for the needs of developing countries, mechanisms for providing energy services in rural areas

F. Implementation of educational and research programs in the fields of renewable energy, supporting programs for renewable energy projects.

G. Hardware, software, material and physics related to Renewable Energy. 


1- Download the paper template (maximum of 6 pages per paper) IEEE Paper Template.doc

2- Download the ieee copyright form (should be submitted with the final version of the accepted paper) IEEE Copyright Form.docx

3- For the submission of the paper and the signed copyright form please access your EDAS account through the direct link of the conference: (New members in EDAS are required to open an account).  
Instructions for Authors on how to submit a paper via EDAS 


N.B. PDF Instructions for Authors:

Create your manuscript following the above template.

Proofread and check your manuscript

Convert your manuscript into pdf file using PDF Express following the below steps:

Log in to

Conference ID# 43434X

Select the "New Users" for First-time users or log in with your personal account

Continue to enter information as prompted.

Note that after receiving your pdf file from Pdf Express via mail, you should submit it through EDAS.


Francophone Authors can send to the REDEC secretary ( the French version that will appear in a French conference proceeding if accepted and presented. In case they want to submit an additional English version they have to do it through EDAS before the deadline. The English version will be sent to reviewers and if accepted, it will submitted for publication in IEEE Xplore.  

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    Draft paper submission deadline

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