The Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics is an international conference covering all aspects of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. BSB is organized by the special interest group in Computational Biology ( CE-BioComp ) of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) . The initial editions of BSB, in 2002, were called WOB (Workshop on Bioinformatics) and were indexed by DBLP ; since 2005, WOB was renamed BSB, and the proceedings have been published in the series Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI) by Springer Verlag. The previous editions, the proceedings of BSB 2018 will be published in LNBI . 

In 2018, BSB will be running at Niteroi, RJ, Brazil. The meeting will happen from Octuber 30th through November 1st. We are looking forward to a lively and very productive meeting.

By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to an online registration site hosted by the SBC (Brazilian Society of Computing). Please follow this link if you are or want to become a SBC member.


2017-10-21 星期六


2017-10-22 星期日

2017-10-23 星期一

2017-10-24 星期二

2017-10-25 星期三

Call for paper

Author guidelines

Submission instructions

The submissions should contain original, high quality, not submitted or published elsewhere work. Manuscripts must be written in english and include an abstract.

The format to be used is “Lecture Notes in Computer Science” (LNCS). All the explanations and necessary files for this format (in Latex or Word) can be found at Instructions for Authors. We strongly recommend all prospective authors to download the necessary files from this site as they prepare their submissions; old versions of the LNCS style files could cause problems in the upload of the camera-ready paper.

BSB will accept full papers (up to 8 pages in length), extended abstract (up to 4 pages in length) and abstract (to be presented only as posters).

Manuscripts that deviate significantly from these guidelines may risk rejection without consideration of scientific merit.

Manuscript Submission

Submission will be electronic through the meeting submission system.

You may also like to download the LaTeX and Word templates directly.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three experts in the field.


Local Organizing Committee:
Luis Antonio Kowada (IC-UFF) - Organizing Committee Chair 
Luis Felipe Ignacio Cunha (IC-UFF) 
Raquel Bravo (IC-UFF) 
Daniel Cardoso de Oliveira (IC-UFF) 
Helena Leitão (IC-UFF) 
Simone Dantas (IME-UFF) 
André Cunha Ribeiro (IFG)

Steering Committee:
Luis Antonio Kowada (UFF) - Steering Committee Chair 
Ronnie Alves (ITV, UFPA) 
João Carlos Setubal (IQ-USP) 
Maria Emilia Telles Walter (UnB) 
Nalvo Franco de Almeida Jr (UFMS) 
Guilherme Pimentel Telles (UNICAMP) 
Tainá Raiol (FIOCRUZ) 
Natália Florencio Martins (EMBRAPA) 
Luciana Montera (UFMS) 
Sergio Campos (UFMG)

Program Committee:
Alexander Schliep (Gothenburg University)
Alexandre Rossi Paschoal (UTFPR)
André Kashiwabara (UTFPR)
André Ponce de Leon Carvalho (ICMC-USP)
Annie Chateau (Université Montpellier 2, LIRMM)
César M. Vargas Benítez (UTFPR)
Danielle Couto (UFPA)
Duncan Ruiz (PUCRS)
Eduardo Reis (IQ-USP)
Emanuel Maltempi de Souza (UFPR)
Eric Rivals (Université Montpellier 2, LIRMM)
Fabrício Martins Lopes (UTFPR)
Felipe Louza (USP)
Fernando Luis Barroso da Silva (FCFRP-USP)
Guilherme Oliveira (ITV)
Guilherme Telles (UNICAMP)
Ivan Gesteira Costa (RWTH Aachen University)
Jefferson Magalhães (UFPA)
Jens Stoye (Bielefeld University)
João Setubal (IQ-USP)
Jose Luiz Rybarczyk Filho (IBB-UNESP)
Kleber Padovani de Souza (UFPA)
Laurent Brehelin (Université Montpellier 2, LIRMM)
Luciana Montera (UFMS)
Luciano Digiampietri (EACH-USP)
Luis Felipe Ignacio Cunha (UFRJ)
Marcelo Brigido (UNB)
Marcilio de Souto (Université d'Orléans)
Marcio Dorn (UFRGS)
Maria Emilia Walter (UNB)
Mariana Recamonde Mendoza (UFRGS)
Marilia Braga (Bielefeld University)
Nalvo F. Almeida Jr (UFMS)
Natália Florencio Martins (EMPRAPA)
Regiane Kawasaki (UFPA)
Rommel Ramos (UFPA)
Ronnie Alves (ITV, UFPA) - PC Chair
Said Adi (UFMS)
Sergio Campos (UFMG)
Sergio Lifschitz (PUC-Rio)
Sergio Pantano (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo)
Tainá Raiol (FIOCRUZ)
Therese Commes (Université Montpellier 2, IRMB)


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    30 Oct.



    01 Nov.


  • 04 Jun.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 07 Aug.


    Draft paper acceptance notification

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