October 12-13 in Moscow will be held the 14th CEE-SECR – conference that annually represents the cutting edge of the entire IT industry in Russia in 100+ events of the two-day program.
More than 600 participants from scientists and narrow-profile specialists to entrepreneurs and investors will gather at the event to get acquainted with the best practice of leading Russian IT companies, learn about new scientific research, conduct effective networking and stay in touch with colleagues.
A distinctive feature of CEE-SECR is its wide scope. 5 simultaneous tracks of reports and master classes give you choice at any time of the event and make useful every minute. Participants can get acquainted with the experience of their colleagues or have a look into related areas and specializations.
Reports are selected on a competitive basis and go through several stages of review. Annually SECR collects about 200 applications. Program committee of 50+ professionals in various IT areas selects the best of them for the conference program.
The key speakers of the conference are recognized foreign and Russian IT- experts. In different years, Bjorn Straustrup, Ivar Jacobson, Eric Rice, Alexey Galitsky, Arkady Dobkin, Dino Esposito and others came to speak at CEE-SECR. 
In addition to the reports, the event program includes short workshops and discussions on the trending topics of the software development industry in Russia.
After the talks, speakers and participants continue to communicate in the conference halls, sort out private questions and discuss what they just heard. The first day of SECR traditionally finishes with a specially organized Beer Party, where conversations continue in informal atmosphere.
Registration takes place in several stages with Early Bird prices. In addition, there are special offers for students, post-graduate students, university teachers, as well as employees of companies-members of RUSSOFT association.
Learn more about the conference, read the reviews and see how SECR passed in previous years:



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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-07-15

Call for paper description


Talks, workshops and scientific papers submissions are welcome. Papers are accepted only along with the talk which delivered in person.

  1. Submit your proposal by 16th of July 2018.
  2. Discuss your proposal with the curator from the program committee, correct the proposal if needed.
  3. The Program committee will choose the proposals by voting. You may be asked to correct your submission / article, undertake the talk audition before the final decision is made.
  4. If accepted, prepare your talk / paper with the curator. The rehearsal is highly recommended if you deliver public talks rarely (1-2 times a year).

Time allocated for the talk: 15 or 30 minutes (allocated by program committee with your curator), and for master-class: 1 – 8 hrs.

Language: English or Russian. The slides can be in English or in Russian. The preferred language for papers is English.


The submissions related to software development are welcome. Some of the topics are listed below.

  • Programming Technologies and Tools
  • DevOps
  • AI; Intelligent Apps and Analytics ; Intelligent Things 
  • IoT; Digital Twins 
  • Data Science; Big Data
  • Blockchain ; Event-Driven 
  • Cloud; Cloud to the Edge 
  • High-Loaded Systems
  • Embedded Systems; Hardware and Low-level Programming.
  • Open Source Technologies & Community
  • Voice Interfaces; Natural Languages Text Processing; Conversational Platforms 
  • Security; Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust 
  • VR, AR, Immersive Experience 
  • Software Testing and Verification
  • System Analysis and Requirements Engineering
  • Project and Product Management (Classical & Agile)
  • Software Architecture
  • Continuous Professional Development: From Classical to Corporate University
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Computer Interaction; User Experience, Usability

If you can’t find the topic in the list – submit it under Other.
The list of topics contains Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018.

How to write the abstract and description

  1. Topic and short description in English (and in Russian, if possible). During the review process the topic and short description will be published on the Proposals section of the conference website.The description must include 1-3 sentences covering the main point of the talk.


  2. Example 1: “If participants have problems with designing interfaces, in my report they will be able to learn about some ways of using DSL for the modification of automatically generated forms. This approach is not covered in the current literature, but our successful implementation shows that it works.”

    Example 2: “I will share my experience in communication with difficult customers based on seven years of work and over 20 successful projects, which will be presented in the form of case studies with analysis/conclusion. I think that participants will be able to apply this knowledge in their daily work, since some of these situations have occurred more than once with different clients.”

  3. Extended abstract (1800 characters or more) in English or Russian. During the review process the publication of an abstract on the conference website is optional (at the author’s discretion).

    The content of the extended abstract should fully reflect the essence of the final report. It should clearly state not only the subject area of the report, but also the specific issues which will be covered, as well as the scientific, technological or innovative solutions offered by authors.

    Please do not send lists of slides, promotional materials, links to forums, or previously-published reports or articles in place of the extended abstract.Many authors describe a problem and its importance and promise to reveal the solution in their report. This is not enough: the solution itself should be stated and justified, whether it is an original idea, a new combination of ideas, or a successful practice. The relevance of the problem should be shown, with references to literature or other open sources (especially for articles).

    If the author positions the report as a scientific work, he/she should replace the extended abstract with a full article (5-10 pages) formatted in accordance with the standard ACM requirements for scientific papers (View ACM templates, use the sigconf template). During the review process the article will not be published on the conference website.

    For workshop proposals please also state the following: the workshop duration, target audience, program. During the review process this information will not be published on the conference website.

  4. Author(s) photo and a short bio of 3-5 sentences. Authors are encouraged to share links to their published works, public presentations, and social-networking profiles. During the review process the publication of the bio and photo on the conference website is optional (at the author’s discretion).

In addition, please specify the following:

  1. The type of your talk: a presentation of scientific research results that can be used; a presentation of ideas for action by analogy; an informational overview; a technology presentation; new technology training; new tool training; a case study, including the experience of using technology.
  2. The subject of your talk: one or more areas from the conference Scope (above).

The following materials will not be accepted:

  • Promotional presentations and articles (designed to promote a company, product or service)
  • Presentations previously delivered at other conferences
  • Papers previously published or accepted by another conference or journal.


Nick Puntikov, Chair of SECR 2018
Julia Kryuchkova, Secretary of SECR 2018
Moscow: +7 499 703 16 55
Saint-Petersburg: +7 812 336 93 44


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