The intrinsicsecurity of computer architectures and the implementations of processors haslong been unintentionally or even deliberately overlooked and traded foroptimizations seeking for high performance and low cost. Traditional wisdomabout computer security is to patch the vulnerable software eco-systems butstill let them run on existing flawed computers in the hope to fend offattacker with reduced exploitable errors, extra security checks and constrainedrunning environment. However, without fixing the underlying errors and in theabsence of security-oriented features in processor designs, defending thecurrent software systems by the software along is doomed to be a losing battle.The recent Meltdown and Spectre attacks demonstrate that some of thefundamental optimizations, such as speculative execution, have the potential tobe or already become security vulnerabilities which are extremely difficult, ifever possible, to fix without changing the underlying hardware designs. Itbecomes necessary for future designs of computer architectures and processorsto consider security early in the design process and provide crucial supportsfor security related software; therefore, improve the system security in asystematic manner.

This workshopdiscusses all the related research on defending computer systems withsecurity-oriented features in ISA extensions, processors architectures, cachehierarchies, on-chip communication systems and peripheral devices.

 Topics of interestinclude but are not limited to:

l  Security-oriented processor designs andoptimizations.

l  Hardware techniques in defending cacheside-channels.

l  Hardware techniques in defending Meltdownand Spectre

l  Security in IoT hardware infrastructure

l  Security hardware in Big data and Cloud

l  Secure architecture and microarchitecture

l  Build-in Architecture for security design

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