ENPE-2019 is the 2nd International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Controlling Non-point Source Pollution and Protecting Aquatic Ecosystem, held by the research group of Interface Process at Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences on behalf of the Soil Science Society of China, the Geographical Society of China and the Soil Science Society of Jiangsu Province.

Due to the rapid increases of population and food demand in recent decades, heavy stress has been put on the agricultural production and great amounts of fertilizers are used every year. Accordingly, the high input of fertilizers has resulted in the surplus of nitrogen and phosphorus in the farm fields. As a consequence, the high-concentration nutrients from agricultural land have increased the contents of nitrogen and phosphorus in surface waters, referring to the non-point source pollutions.

Since the 1980s, fertilizer consumption in China has been growing rapidly and China has become one of the biggest producers and consumers of N and P fertilizers in the world. From the last decade, there has been a growing body of opinion that the non-point source pollution is a particularly serious problem in the management of water quality.

However, significant progress has been made in the ecotechnologies of non-point source pollution control and the remediation of natural waters. We therefore aspire to making such a truly interdisciplinary meeting, covering a wide range of topics ranging from fundamentals to ecotechnology to remediation of surface waters. By bringing together non-point source pollution researchers from various background, we hope to stimulate discussion, exchange of ideas and networking.

Programme topics

  • Fundamental issues of NPS pollution production and control
  • Ecotechnology for NPS pollution of watershed
  • Reduction and retention of NPS pollution
  • Treatment and reuse of NPS wastewater
  • Risk and controlling of emerging pollutants in NPS
  • Treatment of agrowastes
  • Ecotechnology for low-concentration wastewater treatment
  • Remediation of polluted surface waters
  • Ecological restoration and services



  • 2019年10月11日:报到、注册。
  • 2019年10月12日:大会开幕、大会报告和分组报告、展板、欢迎晚宴。
  • 2019年10月13日:分组报告、展板、会议闭幕

Call for paper

Call for paper description

会议将优选部分论文投稿至Environmental Science & Technology,经同行评议后以virtual special issue的形式刊出。此外,本次会议得到Bioresource Technology (SCI, IF5.6), Science of the Total Environment (SCI, IF4.9)和《长江流域资源与环境》(中文核心)编辑部的大力支持,并将在会后对未公开发表的成果进行组稿,以special issue/专刊的形式进行发表。所有稿件均按Bioresource Technology, Science of the Total Environment或《长江流域资源与环境》的要求进行同行评议,有意投稿者请提前准备,投稿时间暂定为2019年11月1-30日。




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    11 Oct.



    13 Oct.


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