Spectral imaging technology faces the forefront of scientific and technological innovation and has developed rapidly. It has been widely used in life sciences, marine science, astronomy and remote sensing. In order to promote the rapid development of spectral imaging technology, the promotion of academic exchanges and cooperation between the frontier sciences and optics fields,  the second "International Conference on Spectral Imaging Technology Application and Development " was sponsored by the Xi’An Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, and organized by the Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging Technology in July 5th-6th , 2018. The conference will focus on the frontier research status of Spectral imaging technology and the future development in the field of life sciences, marine science, astronomy and remote sensing to carry out academic exchanges. At the same time, it will provide overseas high-level talents with a platform for returning to China for exchanges and services, and actively promote the in-depth research and rapid development of spectral imaging technology. 

The conference will invite domestic and foreign authoritative experts and scholars to make conference reports and special reports on the late

Conference progamme: 

--Research Progress in Astronomical Spectroscopy Technology

--Progress and Application of Marine Spectral Imaging Technology

--Biomedical Spectral Imaging Technology and Applications

--Advances in Remote Sensing Spectral Imaging Technology

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