It is a pleasure to invite you to submit abstracts to iSecCon 2018, the annual Security Conference at Intel.

This prestigious conference aims to bring together esteemed speakers from the industry, government and academia to share knowledge and leading-edge ideas about security and related topics. This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people and enthusiasts. 

The conference is an English speaking-only conference, with ALL talks in English.

Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-12-04

Abstract submission deadline:2018-07-25

Call for paper description

Exploit development techniques

Communication security


Penetration testing

Web application security

Techniques for development of secure software and systems

Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices

Mobile devices exploitation  

Analysis of virus, worms and all sorts of malwares

Reverse engineering


Security in Wi-Fi and VoIP environments

Information about smartcard and RFID security

Denial of service attacks and/or countermeasures

Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and "obscure" networks


Side Channel and Physical Attacks


AI and Machine Learning





Block Chain

Smart Contracts


Emerging Threat Intelligence


Author guidelines

Authors will submit their abstracts to Easy Chair, a public conference management site independent of Intel and should not disclose confidential information that they and/or their respective employers are not ready to share with the public.

Please bear in mind that no sales pitches will be allowed. If your presentation involves advertisement of products or services please do not submit as your submission will be rejected.

Selected speakers will be required to sign an NDA (if it does not exist already) and a personal release waiver form to enable their pictures/bios to be posted on the Intel website.

Speakers will be allocated 60 minutes of presentation time with 10 minutes for Q&A.

Please ensure you provide the following details along with your abstract submission:

* General topic of the speech (e.g.: network security, secure programming, computer forensics, etc.)

* A brief but informative description of your talk

* Short biography of the presenter, including organization, company and affiliations

* Links to other papers you have authored and/or videos of your talks

* Names of other conferences you have presented at and when

* Do you need a visa to enter USA?

* Relevance of your topic to Intel

* Changes you would like to see in Intel products/research/approach

* Do you need special equipment to be provided by Intel for your talk? (Optional)



* Rodrigo Branco (BSDaemon), Chief Security Researcher, Intel Corporation (STrategic Offensive Research & Mitigations - STORM, IPAS)

* Deepak K Gupta, Security Researcher, Intel Corporation (Windows OS Group)

* Marion Marschalek, Senior Security Researcher, Intel Corporation (STrategic Offensive Research & Mitigations - STORM, IPAS)

* Martin Dixon, Chief Security Architect, Intel Corporation (IPAS)

* Vincent Zimmer, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation (Software and Services Group)

* Matt Miller, Partner, Microsoft Corporation

* Cesar Cerrudo, CTO, IOActive

* Thomas Dullien ("Halvar Flake"), Staff Engineer, Google Project Zero  

* Shay Gueron, Senior Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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