The conference programme will highlight the most innovative and exciting aspects of large-area electronics (including printable, flexible, plastic, organic and bio- electronics), emerging technologies, their manufacture and the development of products incorporating large-area electronics (LAE).

Situated just 20 minutes from Stansted airport, innoLAE 2019 will host researchers from around the world, giving speakers and delegates the chance to interact with key LAE decision makers, hear latest research results, network with colleagues, form new partnerships, and access an exhibition showcasing leading companies’ latest developments... all under one roof!



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This rate is available for all academics, as well as representative from industry and companies whose abstracts are accepted for oral presentation.


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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-10-15

Abstract submission deadline:2018-10-15

Call for paper description

Call for papers

Large-Area Electronics (LAE) is a new way of making electronics and includes printed, flexible, plastic, organic and bio- electronics. LAE has the potential to both open up new markets for electronics and to expand existing products by adding new form factors, new functionality and enabling new cost structures.  Applications abound in high growth industrial sectors such as healthcare and medical, sport and fitness, fast moving consumer goods, automotive, the Internet of Everything, printing and packaging and smart wearables. The new form factors and flexibility possible with LAE allow electronic systems to be deployed in a wide variety of non-traditional situations: in and on paper, plastic, textiles, furniture, cars and buildings, as well as on packaging and even in and on the human body.

innoLAE 2019 represents a unique opportunity to hear the latest developments from academic and industrial teams active in LAE research and technology, including keynotes and invited talks from leading international organisations.

Our fifth annual conference, innoLAE 2019 will be on January 22-23, 2019 at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK, presenting a varied 2-day programme featuring contributions from academia and industry, highlighting the most recent and exciting innovations in LAE and new products incorporating LAE technologies. innoLAE 2019 will offer both plenary and parallel track oral presentations, a poster session with prizes awarded to the most promising scientific and technical developments, an exhibition with leading companies and organizations showcasing their latest products and developments, and networking opportunities, including a reception and a conference gala dinner at Queens’ College, Cambridge, UK. 

Author guidelines


Abstracts for oral and poster presentations need to be submitted using the Word document template provided, here. Your abstract file should then be uploaded, alongside your details, using the online submission form. For further submission instructions see the guidelines document.


A condition of submission is that, if accepted, the paper will be presented at the conference by one of the authors.

  • Selection Criteria: The programme committee will select papers within conference scope to create a balanced programme based on degree of innovation, manufacturing advance and commercial opportunity.

  • Conference Rates: Industry contributors whose papers are accepted for oral presentation may register for the conference at the discounted academic rate of £275 (standard registration rate is £425).  Academic contributors will receive the academic rate of £275, or £175 for students.

Topics of submission

We invite contributions to the conference programme on topics relating to LAE such as:

  1. Manufacturing of LAE

    • Addressing the challenges and opportunities of non-traditional substrates e.g. paper, plastics, metal, fabrics, living tissue

    • Improved and novel processes for LAE manufacturing offering higher throughput, functionality, yield or lower cost

    • Entirely new paradigms for LAE manufacturing

    • Tacking the challenges of scale-up in LAE manufacturing, including metrology, yield, lean manufacture and design for manufacturing

  2. High-performance materials for LAE

    • e.g. organic semiconductors, metal oxides, 2D and layered materials, conductors, novel dielectrics, quantum dots, magnetic materials, stretchable and biocompatible materials, biodegradable substrates, etc. (not including production technologies for materials)

  3. Novel and High-performance Devices and Architectures for LAE

    • Transistors, diodes, sensors, optical emitters and detectors, etc.

    • Energy harvesting and storage using LAE – (e.g. RF, piezo, thermal and solar harvesting, printable batteries and supercapacitors)

    • Circuit elements e.g. amplifiers, A-D converters, multiplexers, microprocessors etc.

    • Circuits incorporating LAE including multi-element LAE device arrays

  1. LAE Systems

    • Flexible displays – both emissive and reflective

    • Flexible hybrid electronics - integrating organic or printed electronics with thinned and unpackaged conventional semiconductor devices,

    • Stretchable and conformable electronics

    • in-mould electronics

  2. Applications of LAE

    • Design of systems using LAE components for particular applications

    • Application case studies of new LAE systems used in market trials

    • LAE enabling applications in the Internet of Things, healthcare, automotive, consumer products, smart buildings and cities

  3. Bioelectronics: LAE devices and systems for bioelectronics; new applications of bioelectronics; new business models for bioelectronics

       7. Circular Economy and LAE *NEW for 2019 End-of-life management; waste reduction; recycling and reuse of LAE materials,                components and systems; Opportunities for LAE to enable the circular economy more generally


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