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The energy internet is a booming new business in China, where 55 pilot projects will be completed by year-end. The National Energy Administration forecasts that China's energy internet pilot projects will attract more than RMB 40 billion in investment. According to Accenture's forecast, by 2020, the overall market size of China's energy internet will exceed 940 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 7% of GDP that year. By 2050, cumulative investment in the global energy internet will exceed 50 trillion U.S. dollars. The huge investment scale will support the development of new industries such as smart grids, new energy, and new materials.In the past two years, the energy internet has grown swiftly in China, buoyed by strong government support. We expect that the steady growth of the energy internet will continue in 2018. To promote the steady development of China's energy Internet, accelerate the construction of energy Internet pilot projects, and promote the concept of the global energy internet in the world, CDMC will hold the 3rd Energy Internet &One Belt, One Road Summit. We invite you to explore the future of the energy internet with us together!


9/9 (Sunday) 9/10(Monday) 9/11(Tuesday)
AM Energy internet technology seminar (Expert Advisory Group Salon 25 delegates) Energy Internet Global Leadership Summit
(Policy, industry trends, key project case studies)
Innovation in the Energy industry 
Roundtable: Digital technology boosts innovation in the energy industry
    Networking & Lunch Networking & Lunch
PM Site Visit: Chongming Energy Internet Pilot Project Case studies of pilot project and technical analysis
Concurrent events : Specially Projects Matching Meeting+CEO Talk Summit(15 delegates)
Innovation in the Energy industry
Evening    Awards + Celebratory Dinner  


Typical Energy Internet Pilot Project

  • Iran 600 MW PV Project
  • Egypt's backbone network upgrades EETC500 KV transmission project
  • Pakistan Murray-Rails ± 660 kV DC Transmission Project
  • Turkish Converter Station Project
  • "Internet +" application research and engineering demonstration in intelligent heating system
  • Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Lunan District) Energy Internet Comprehensive Pilot Demonstration
  • Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Beijing Jingkai Industrial Park “Internet+” Smart Energy Project
  • Industrial Park Internet + Smart Power System Application Demonstration
  • Chengde Public Transportation Hub Energy Internet Demonstration Project
  • Urban integrated smart energy supply service system
  • Chongming Energy Internet Comprehensive Demonstration Project


EIS2018 Highlights

The 3rd Energy Internet &“One Belt One Road”Summit CEO closed-door forum will invite 15 senior decision makers who are from the government, associations, electricity firms, power transmission and distribution companies, power selling companies and renewable energy companies. They will discuss hot topics such as how to promote the development of the energy internet, how to break down barriers to the industry, achieve the integration of the energy internet with other industries, and the innovation and upgrading of business models based on the “Internet+." and digital analysis and operation. Seats are limited for this exclusive summit for industry executives. No media representatives or other non-industry participants will be present. Sign up soon to reserve your seat!
Many energy internet pilot projects will be completed by year-end. Yet there are bottlenecks that must be overcome. To resolve these bottlenecks faced by project owners, we will hold a project-matching meeting on September 10th, from 14:00 to 17:00in a private meeting room. Project owners and solution providers will be invited. 
The energy internet industry continues to innovate and continues to grow. This year's conference will hold an award ceremony on the evening of September 10 to recognize companies and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in this field and set a new benchmark for the development of the industry. The media will attend this ceremony - more than 100 media representatives. This awards ceremony provides an ideal marketing platform for your company. On the evening of September 10, after the award ceremony, the organizers will prepare a 20-table dinner. The winners can apply for a dinner party and invite your partners or potential customers to participate. Register
The roundtable dialogue is a small-scale discussion on specific topics. The roundtable dialogue will invite all guests to participate. Each round table will consist of 10-15 guests. During the discussion, everyone can share experiences and ask each other questions to each otherto gain more practical experience that they can apply in the future.
How do the roundtables work?
The roundtable session will last for 30 minutes. Before the meeting, you need to choose your preferredtopic. The committee will assign the table number according to the topics chosen by the guests. The guests who choose the same topic may be assigned to the same table.


  • Bo Zhiqian, President of IEEE PES
  • WU Xuan, Secretary General of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization
  • CHEN Jingxing, Chairman of China Datang Corporation
  • HU Min, President of China Resources Power
  • Moslem Mousavi,SATBA
  • Muhammad Shaker, Minister of Electric Power and new energy of Egypt
  • Kemal YILDIR, General Manager of Turkey National Grid
  • CHENG Zhijun, Managing director of African Development Bank (China)
  • YANG Guangmei, President of Chongming Ecological Research Institute,Leader of Chongming Energy Demonstration Project Management
  • CHEN Xia, Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee


  • ZENG Ming, Director of Energy Internet Research Center, North China Electric Power University
  • GAO Feng, Deputy Dean of Tsinghua University Energy Internet Research Institute
  • PAN Xiubao, Vice General Manager of State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Supply Co.,Ltd
  • WANG Dongrong,  Policy Director of State Grid Corporation of China
  • CHEN Zheng, Deputy Chief Engineer of Power Planning Institute and Director of Energy Research Institute
  • CAO Junwei, Deputy Director of Research Institute of Information Technology
  • TONG Guangyi,  Director of the National Energy Board Electricity Safety Supervision Department
  • YE Niuping, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission of Guangzhou


The conference achieved great success; it gathered so many experts in the Energy Internet field to make a communication focus on the technology. The communication platform greatly promoted the various parties during the energy industry chain to make a mutual understanding and the vision ofthe future prospect. It will actively promote the development for the Energy Internet. We appreciated the contributions for the organizer!


We attend the EIS as a sponsor, the activity forms are abundant, we gained so much wonderful information and it brought us much-valued business opportunities, and we are looking forward to seeing more gatherings held by the organizers.

Antai, Technology Co.,LTD

I have participated in so many relevant activities, but I have to say the activity which be held by CDMC is one of the top and excellent activities, information is true, high quality, experts gathering and the topics are very practically high-valued. Hope to see you next year!

----Longshine Technology (China)

The event is well-organized and the environment is very nice, so much information high-valued, the speech content is also very in-depth, the event deserved to be recommended!




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Standard Ticket

The ticket registration will be approval examined and verified by the organizer. The participants should be the staff from National Energy Administration, National Grid, Local Development and Reform Commission, Administrative Committee, Power Generation Groups, and Research Institutions etc.


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