The Series of Supply Chain Events Turn out to Be a Great Success in the Past Years in Asia Pacific Region. With the resounding success of Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 China Focus this Year, Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 (SCAP2018) this edition will combine the Supply Chain Digitalization Forum and Customer Experience Forum together to discover the shape of future supply chain landscape at the Global Prospective Background from the Point of View as Supply Chain Professional, we are also keeping up on Exploring the true competitiveness of Future Supply Chain at the aspects of Sustainability-Driven and Ecommerce-Driven.

Running now at the 7th Edition, Supply Chain Innovation Summit has become a landmark & must attend event for the supply chain professional who are doing and planning to do business in ACPC.As one of the Series of Supply Chain created by Ace Events in Asia region, we are continually keeping our Philosophy: Designed from and for the supply chain officers and their leadership teams.

What's new in 2018

Trends and Case Study

Featuring future supply chain and logistics trends, most admired supply chain case study, know-how of the most influenced technologies

Operator Perspective

An supply chain professionals-oriented programme highlighting critical industy challenges and concerns,which only for SUPPLY CHAIN PROFESSIONALS

C-Level Participation

Closed-door VIP Meeting with 50+CSCO/SC VP

Two Streams

One Programme,multiple learning opportunities!

Max Brandings Attendance

70% of auduence will be from learning brands accross the industries

Engaged Networking

Multiple One-to-One Meeting and panel discussions ensure maxmised engagement and interacion

Who will attend:  400+Attendees  ;   50+speakers   ;    50+Medias   ;   20+partners


DAY ONE Morning(Plenary Session)

Morning Session One: Trade & Policy & Trends

Trade & Policy: Key to Shape the Future Supply Chain

Circular economy: We Need an Environmental supply chain

Future Supply Chain: Keeping Up With the Time

Morning Session Two: Supply Chain Innovation

Customer: The Orientation of Innovation

New Tech: How to Put the Emerging Technologies into Practice?

Practice: Forging Innovative Supply Chain in Your Corporation

DAY ONE Afternoon

DAY ONE Afternoon(Stream A)

DAY ONE Afternoon (Stream B)

 Session Three: Customer  Customer  Customer

Session Four:  Supply Chain Digitalization

Foundation: Precondition of Building Customer Experience

RPA: Let Your Hands Free

Measurement: How to Measure and Reshape Supply Chain?

AI: Dominance of The Business Tomorrow

Omnichannel: Embracing Omnichannel and Implanting It in Strategy

Blockchain : Building an Efficient and Transparent Supply Chain Roadmap

Visibility: Upgrading Customer Satisfaction Through End-to-End Visibility

Real-Time Demand: Beyond Forecast Accuracy

Customer Demands: Understanding Customer Better Than Themselves

Supply chain 4.0: A Platform Led by Customer

Expectations: Surpassing Customer Expectations With a Tailored Supply Chain


DAY TWO Morning

DAY TWO Morning (Stream A)

DAY TWO Morning (Stream B)

Session Five: Eco-System

Morning Session Seven: Ecommerce

Sustainable Journey: Seeking the Maturity Model

Model: Ecommerce - B2C and B2B

Circular supply chain: Designing a renewable Supply Chain

Impacts: A Ripple Effect from Human Life to Structure of Business

Collaboration and Coordination: Paving the Path to Supply Chain Optimization

Genome: Unlock the DNA of Online customer

Depth and scale: Establishing a Sustainable Supply Chain Both Depth and Scale

Cross-Border: Expanding Ecommerce Under the Globalization Circumstance

Morning Session Six:  Way to Excellence

Morning Session Eight:   Logistics

Maximum Utilization: Getting the full benefits from S&OP /IBP

Last Mile Delivery: A Great Competition to improve end-to-end experience

Roadmap: Reaching the Next Level of S&OP Maturity-IBP

Value Creation: Value Added in Transportation and Logistics

Risk management: A Proaction Avoids Undesirable Crisis

Intelligent logistics: Stepping Towards a New Era of logistics

DAY TWO Afternoon(Plenary Session)

Case Study & Roundtable

Case Study 1:

Case Study 2:

Case Study 3:



Development of a 3 Year Strategic Plan for Supply Chain Digitization

Supply Chain Future Skills— Developing the Team of Tomorrow as part of Supply Chain Ecosystem

Organization Design: Supply Chain Leader's Practical Guide

Adding Supplier Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Developing a Digital Culture


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Ace Events, a professional high level summit organizer, is devoted to delivering business intelligence by creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and business networking. We firmly position ourselves as a landmark provider of BtoB media service featuring China concept and high acclamation of customer.

2013, Ace Events was set-up in Hongkong and focus on industrial conference. Word- class conferences they Organized and popularized are countless especially in these indus- tries like: Petrochemical, Bio-Pharma, Deep-Water, Food& Beverage, Unconventional Resources, Natural Gas(LNG), Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Civil Aviation and Transportation.


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