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The AASS 2018 conference is the second annual symposium that brings together different academic disciplines and industries to present and discuss the state of the art of applied autonomous systems. Based on developments in enabling technologies within robotics, computing, and telecommunications. Autonomous systems have become a strong disruptive force that have the potential to change how we work, how we live, where we live, how we travel etc. The main drivers being the society’s need for efficiency and sustainability. The symposium aims to bringing academics from different fields together, fields like: human behavior, political science, civil engineering, technology, and philosophy, to present and discuss the wave of change the introduction of autonomous systems represents.

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

•    Aspects of autonomy and autonomous systems
•    Autonomy and autonomous systems in general 
•    Human acceptance of autonomous Systems
•    Human behavior in connection with autonomous solutions
•    Harsh weather conditions
•    Safety and security of autonomous systems
•    Safety critical considerations in autonomy
•    Reliability and resilience
•    Cybersecurity
•    Autonomy in maritime applications 
•    Autonomy in Industry
•    Autonomy in Transport
•    Autonomy in agriculture
•    Autonomy in manufacturing    •    Energy
•    Environment
•    Business aspects
•    Control strategy
•    Social aspect of autonomous solutions
•    Smart cities
•    Architecting Autonomy and Autonomous Systems
•    New business models
•    Autonomous systems life cycle considerations
•    Sustainability
•    Risk management
•    Testing of autonomous systems
•    Integration in a real context
•    Education – new knowledge needed
•    Legislations


All interested partied are invited to submit as extended abstract for review and present as presentation, roundtable, or poster at the conference. Extended abstract content is expected to align with the conference theme (maximum two pages, including references) and should adhere to the  AASS paper format.

Your abstract will undergo will undergo a thorough peer review process supervised by the program committee. We will notify the selected abstracts to be presented at AASS2018. If you have received an email telling you that your abstract has been selected, you should register for the conference and present your work during the AASS 2018.

At the conclusion of the conference, you will be asked to prepare a working paper that will be included in the AASS2018 proceedings: you may consider the feedbacks gathered during your presentation discussion.

Extended abstracts can be submitted by logging into the conference management website located at: Further details can be found at:  

All the working papers will be included in the official AASS2018 proceedings, published in Open Access by FormAkademisk. Then, the best papers will be selected to be fully developed and peer reviewed for the publication in external scientific journals.

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 06



    Nov 08


  • Aug 31 2018

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Aug 31 2018

    Draft paper submission deadline

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