SecDev is a venue for presenting ideas, research, and experience about how to develop secure systems.

SecDev is distinguished by its focus on how to “build security in” (and not simply to discover the absence of security). Its goal is to encourage and disseminate ideas for secure system development among both academia and industry.

Developers have valuable experiences and ideas that can inform academic research, and researchers have concepts, studies, and even code and tools that could benefit developers. We anticipate that attendees from academic conferences like IEEE S&P, USENIX Security, PLDI, FSE, ISSTA, SOUPS, ICSE, and many others could contribute ideas to SecDev, as could attendees of industrial conferences like AppSec, RSA, Black Hat, and Shmoocon.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

  • Security engineering processes, from requirements to maintenance
  • Security-focused system designs (HW/SW/architecture)
  • Distributed systems design and implementation for security
  • Human-centered design for systems security
  • Tools and methodology for secure code development
  • Programming languages, development tools, and ecosystems supporting security
  • Risk management and testing strategies to improve security
  • Static program analysis for software security
  • Dynamic analysis and runtime approaches for software security
  • Explorations of formal verification and other high-assurance methods for security
  • Automation of programming, deployment, and maintenance tasks for security
  • Code reviews, red teams, and other human-centered assurance
  • Security assistance for software developers and security analysts


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    23 Sep.



    25 Sep.


  • 11 Mar.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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