RWW2020 will be an international conference covering all aspects of radio and wireless. RWW2020's multidisciplinary events will bring together innovations that are happening across the broad wireless spectrum. RWS2020, this conference application, acts as the main conference for the entire RWW of events that includes the following conferences: PAWR2020, SiRF2020, WiSNet2020, and TWiOS2020 (IEEE Topical Conference on RF/microwave Power Amplifiers, IEEE Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems, IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks, and IEEE Topical Workshop on the Internet of Space IoS, respectively). In addition to traditional podium presentations and poster sessions, tracks for IEEE Distinguished Lectures, Sunday half-day workshops, Monday panels, and a demo session are planned. A RWW2020 plenary talk are a parallel IoT Summit are planned. A student competition is also planned.


Paper Summary Due:
31 July 2018

Late News Paper Summary Due:
20 September 2018

Accept/Reject Notice:
23 September 2018

Final Manuscript Due:
21 October 2018

Hotel Reservation Closes: 
27 December 2018

Advance Registration Closes: 
6 January 2019

Radio Wireless Week 2019: 
20 - 23 January 2019

Call for paper

Topics of submission

1. High-Speed and Broadband Wireless Technologies
• Broadband Fixed Wireless and Last-Mile Access
• Ultra-High Data Rate Communications Links - Powerline
Communication Technologies
• 3G/4G/5G Wireless Communication Services
• Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Systems
• Optical Networks and Systems
2. Emerging Wireless Technologies and Applications
• M2M & V2V Technologies & Applications
• Resource Management, Security
• Femtocell and Heterogeneous Networks
• Green, Sustainable Wireless Tech. & Networks
3. Wireless System Architecture and Modeling
• Ad Hoc Network Techniques for Internetworking
• Distributed Network Architectures and Systems
• Wireless Mesh and Broadband Local/Personal/ Body Area
• Wireless Security and RFID Technologies
4. Propagation/Channel Modeling and Utilization
• Propagation/Channel Characterization & Modeling -
Fading Countermeasures
• Spectrum Sensing Technologies
• Frequency and Channel Allocation Algorithms
5. Digital Signal Processing, SDR, & Cognitive
• Digital/Analog Adaptive/Collaborative Signal Processing
• Methods for Signal Integrity and Signal Conditioning
• Interference Mitigation and Cancellation Techniques
• Software/Hardware architectures, Algorithms
• MAC, Networking protocols, Policies, Standardization
• Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, Coexistence, Interoperability
6. Applications to Bio-medical, Environmental,
and Internet of Things
• Miniaturization and Integration of Wireless Technologies
• Personal Area Networks and Body area Sensor
• Wireless Positioning Technologies & Remote Sensing
7. MIMO and Multi-Antenna Communications
• MIMO, MU-MIMO, Space-Time Processing - Relaying
• Cooperative/Collaborative Technology
• Multi-Beam Smart Antennas
8. Antenna Technologies
• Passive & Active Antennas from RF to THz Frequencies
• Miniaturized, Multi-frequency and Broadband Antennas
• Wireless Platform Integrated Antennas
9. Transceiver & Front-end Technologies,
• Receiver, Transmitter and Transceiver Components -
Active Circuits and Sub-systems
• Multi-Standard Circuits and Sub-systems
• Low-Power/Low Noise RF/Analog IC and SoC-Chip
• Highly Integrated Transceivers for Sensing and Imaging
10. Passive Components & Packaging
• Discrete, Embedded and Distributed Passive
Components, Filters, Couplers and Signal Separation
• Discrete and Highly Integrated Packaging
• 3D-Packaging, Interconnects, and Applications
• Packaging of MEMs, Biosensors, Organic ICs, etc.
11. MM-Wave to THz Technology & Applications
• Device and Circuit Concept & Demonstration
• Unique Receivers and Transmitters - Integrated Circuits
• Wireless Links, Arrays & Applications
12. 3D & Novel Engineered Materials
• Additive 3D Manufacturing for Wireless Applications
• Novel Engineered Materials for Antenna, Packaging


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    20 Jan.



    23 Jan.


  • 24 Jul.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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