The 2019 IEEE BiCMOS and Compound semiconductor Integrated Cir-cuits and Technology Symposium (BCICTS) is the IEEE-approved mer-ger of the Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM) and the Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS). BCICTS is the forum for developments in bipolar, BiCMOS, and compound semi-conductor circuits, devices, and technology. Coverage includes all aspects of the technology, from materials, device fabrication, device phenomena, TCAD modeling, compact modeling, integrated circuit design, testing, and system applications. A wide range of integrated circuit technologies are covered including CMOS, bipolar and field-effect transistors realized in materials such as SiGe, GaAs, GaN, InP, SiC.

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Draft paper submission deadline:2019-05-10


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