The scope of the conference is covered by the following topics: Lighting technology; Smart Lighting; Photometry and calorimetry; Lighting calculations and measurements; Energy efficient lighting; Renewable energy sources and Lighting; Ergonomics and physiology of vision; LED lighting; Photobiology and non-Visual Effects of Light; Human aspects of lighting; Interior, exterior and road lighting; Quality of lighting; Light pollution; Management of lighting and renewable energy sources for lighting; Daylight design and architectural lighting; Common lighting aspects; Standards and legislation in lighting


2017-10-21 星期六


2017-10-22 星期日

2017-10-23 星期一

2017-10-24 星期二

2017-10-25 星期三

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

[1] Lighting technology (lamps, luminaires, lighting controls)
[2] Lighting calculations. Photometry and calorimetry
[3] Energy efficiency and economics of lighting
[4] LED Lighting. Photo biological risk from artificial lighting
[5] Ergonomics and physiology of vision. Human aspects of lighting
[6] Interior, exterior and road lighting. Quality of lighting. Light pollution
[7] Renewable energy sources and Lighting
[8] Management of lighting and renewable energy sources
[9] Daylight design and architectural lighting
[10] Common lighting aspects. Standards and legislation in lighting


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    21 Sep.


  • 30 Jun.


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