The conference belongs to a series of conferences organized by the Department of Automation Systems and Devices of the Kielce University of Technology and the Institute of Applied Computer Science of the Lodz University of Technology in turns. The discussed issues concern modelling and control of electrotechnological processes and computer methods used for these purposes. During the conference there are also discussed issues related to power engineering of electrical processes as well as problems of energy quality and electromagnetic compatibility. Issues related to the application of laser and plasma technologies in electrotechnology are also discussed. The fast progressing computerization of industrial processes requires an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to control and implementation of increasingly complex IT systems, especially for processes that are burdensome for people and the environment. Therefore, during the conference there will be discussions on IT issues that can be applied in the modelling, control and simulation of electrical processes.

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1. Modelling and simulation of electrotechnological appliances and processes

  • Modeling and simulation methodology
  • Modeling and simulation of electrotechnological devices
  • Didactic models
  • The use of open-source software

2. Computer control systems in electrotechnology

  • Measuring systems
  • Signal and image processing
  • Control algorithms
  • Use of computers and programmable controllers

3. Power engineering of electrotechnological processes

  • Power systems for electrotechnological devices
  • Energy quality issues related to the interaction of load and power system
  • Problems of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality

4. Selected electrotechnological processes

  • Laser technologies
  • Plasma technologies
  • Electroerosion technologies
  • Electrical technologies in environmental protection

5. Applications of computer science

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Management systems
  • Process optimization
  • Artificial intelligence methods
  • The Internet of Things and embedded systems
  • Other applications


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    12 Nov.



    14 Nov.


  • 30 Jun.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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