Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) research is an interdisciplinary research field involving academic researchers in information technologies, computer science, public policy, bioinformatics, computational social science, social computing, medical informatics, and social and behavioural studies as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement and intelligence experts, and information technology industry consultants and practitioners to support counterterrorism and homeland security’s missions of anticipation, interdiction, prevention, preparedness and response to terrorist acts.

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Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence

  • Threat pattern models and modelling tools
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Intrusion and cybersecurity threat detection and analysis
  • Cyber-physical-social system security and incident management
  • Computing and networking infrastructure protection
  • Crime analysis and prevention
  • Forecasting threats and measuring the impact of threats
  • Surveillance and intelligence through unconventional means
  • Information security management standards
  • Information systems security policies
  • Mobile and cloud computing security
  • Big data analytics for cybersecurity
  • Machine learning for cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity
  • Resilient cyber infrastructure design and protection

Data Science and Analytics in Security Informatics

  • Data representation and fusion for security informatics
  • Criminal/intelligence information extraction
  • Data sharing and information visualization for security informatics
  • Web-based intelligence monitoring and analysis
  • Spatial-temporal data analysis for crime analysis and security informatics
  • Criminal/intelligence machine learning and data mining
  • Bio-terrorism tracking, alerting, and analysis
  • Digital forensics and computational criminology
  • Financial and accounting fraud analysis
  • Consumer-generated content and security-related social media analytics
  • Security-related social network analysis (radicalization, fund-raising, recruitment, conducting operations)
  • Authorship analysis and identification
  • Terrorism related analytical methodologies and software tools

Human Behaviour and Factors in Security Applications

  • Behaviour issues in information systems security
  • HCI and user interfaces of relevance to intelligence and security
  • Social impacts of crime and terrorism
  • Board activism and influence
  • Measuring the effectiveness of counter-terrorism campaigns
  • Citizen education and training
  • Understanding user behaviour in that has potential security risks
  • Security risks about user behaviour in information systems
  • Human behaviour modelling, representation and prediction for security applications

Organizational, National, and International Issues in Counter-terrorism and other Security Applications

  • Best practices in counter-terrorism or security protection
  • Information sharing policy and governance
  • Privacy, security, and civil liberties issues
  • Emergency response and management
  • Disaster prevention, detection, and management
  • Protection of transportation and communications infrastructure
  • Communication and decision support for research and rescue
  • Assisting citizens' responses to terrorism and catastrophic events
  • Border security
  • Accounting and IT auditing
  • Corporate governance and monitoring
  • Election fraud and political use and abuse
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