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The PSITE-NCR research symposium provides a venue to present innovative ideas, approaches, developments and results of research projects in a specific area of Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, and Entertainment & Multimedia Computing. The symposium primarily promotes the exchange of information among researchers, faculty, administrators, students and IT practitioners.


Program Committee
Dr. Lilian J. Gumban
Dr. Alexander Hernandez 

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Draft paper submission deadline


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished full research papers for presentation at the 5th PSITE-NCR Research Symposium. The Symposium Review Policy requires the following:

  • Only active PSITE institutional members can submit papers. Members outside NCR are also welcome to submit papers. 
  • Each institutional member can only submit one (1) research paper entry per category.  
  • Entry for Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (EMC) is in Game Development or in Digital Arts
  • The entry should be peer-reviewed and endorsed by the Research Director or Dean of member institute
  • The entry should be collaboration between faculty member and students. 
  • The field of research of the paper to be submitted should conform to the indicated symposium research focus.
  • Member institution can only send entries that correspond to the degree programs they offer to quality entry.  


Degree Program Offering

Maximum Number of Research Paper Entry for Submission



Research Category

BSCS program only



BSIS program only



BSEMC program only         



BSIT program only              






one entry for IT/IS, another entry for EMC

BSIT and BSIS programs

BSEMC and BSIS programs

BSEMC and BSIT programs

BSIS, BSEMC, and BSIT programs

BSCS and BSEMC programs


one entry for CS, another entry for EMC

BSCS and BSIS programs                 


one entry for CS, another entry for IT/IS

BSCS and BSIT programs






one entry for each category

BSCS, BSIS, and BSEMC programs

BSCS, BSIT, and BSEMC programs

BSCS, BSIS,  and BSIT programs

BSCS, BSIS, BSEMC, and BSIT programs

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Important Date
  • Feb 28


    Conference Date

  • Feb 07 2019

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Feb 07 2019

    Draft paper submission deadline