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The purpose of the Semantics and Philosophy in Europe (SPE) colloquia is to provide a forum for presenting research in the interface between linguistic semantics and various areas of philosophy (philosophy of language, philosophy of mind/cognition, metaphysics etc.). Previous colloquia have taken place in Paris (SPE1, 2008 and SPE3, 2010), London (SPE2, 2009), Bochum (SPE4, 2011), Turin (SPE5, 2012), St. Petersburg (SPE6, 2013), Berlin (SPE7, 2014), Cambridge (SPE8, 2016) and Padua (SPE9, 2017). This year’s Semantics and Philosophy in Europe Colloquium features a general session with four invited speakers as well as two special sessions:

1- The Syntax, Semantics and Philosophy of Speech Acts (Special Workshop 1)

2- Semantics in other minds (Special Workshop 2)

For the general session, we invite any contributions on topics at the interface of linguistics an philosophy, including but not limited to work on truth and meaning, the architecture of language, reference, attitude reports, the formal ontology of language, the relation between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, semantics and the brain, and semantics of other symbolic systems.


Chair: Wolfram Hinzen (ICREA/UPF/FIDMAG, Barcelona)

Maria Teresa Espinal (CLT/UAB, Barcelona), Laia Mayol (UPF, Barcelona), Louise McNally (UPF, Barcelona), Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, Paris / NYU, New York), Manuel Garcia-Carpintero (LOGOS/UB, Barcelona), Agustin Vicente (Ikerbasque / EHU, Vitoria), and Txuss Martin (UPF, Barcelona / Cambridge University, Cambridge) 

Program committee: Wolfram Hinzen (ICREA/UPF/FIDMAG, Barcelona), Maria Teresa Espinal (CLT/UAB, Barcelona), Laia Mayol (UPF, Barcelona), Louise McNally (UPF, Barcelona), Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, Paris / NYU, New York), Manuel Garcia Carpintero (LOGOS/UB, Barcelona), Agustín Vicente (Ikerbasque/EHU, Vitoria), Txuss Martin (UPF, Barcelona / Cambridge University, Cambridge), John Collins (UEA, Norwich), Manfred Krifka (Leibniz-ZAS/HU, Berlin), Hazel Pearson (QMUL, London), Guillermo del Pinal (ZAS, Berlin / UM, Ann Arbor, Michigan), Martina Wiltschko (UBC, Vancouver), Peter Hanks (UMN, Minneapolis, Minnesota) Cian Dorr (NYU, New York), Øystein Linnebo (UiO, Oslo), Mitch Green (UConn, Storrs, Connecticut), Markus Werning (RUB, Bochum), Isadora Stojanovic (Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, Paris).

Call for paper

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Abstract submission deadline
Draft paper submission deadline

We invite abstract submissions for 30-minute talks on the topic of either the general session or one of the two special sessions. Abstracts should contain original research that, at the time of submission, has neither been published nor accepted for publication. One person can submit at most one abstract as sole author and one abstract as co-author (or two co-authored abstracts).

Abstracts must be anonymous, in PDF format, 2 pages (A4), in a font size no less than Times New Roman 12pt. Please submit abstracts no later than 15 September 2018, indicating whether it is for the General Session, for Session 1 or 2.

Abstract Submission (Deadline): 15 September 2018
Notification of Acceptance: 31 October 2018 
Conference: 17-19 December 2017 

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