The Middle East is a fast-growing international opportunity for retailers, with the market set to be worth Dh200 billion by the end of 2017, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.But a confluence of structural shifts is challenging these retailers’ revenue and profitability. The decline in oil prices, geopolitical instability, and the rapid evolution of digital technology have Major structural shifts in the region will compel retailers to transform their businesses both commercially and operationally.

The Summit decodes technology in retail keeping people at heart, while focusing on ways to create a successful digital economy. On the other hand, today retail spaces go beyond shopping. These are social hubs for people to meet, greet and consume. Tapping into this lucrative part of the world involves an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, in-store and beyond. With its vast attendance of global retail leaders and experts, the summit is the ultimate reservoir of far-reaching insights, deep discernments on market-ahead innovations, technologies and retail trends.  

Wonderful Speeches by the Executives of Retail industries:

Over 150 C-level executives and decision-makers of medium to large organizations from Consulting , E-Business, Apparel & Accessories, Jewelry, Consumer goods, Food & Beverage, Cigarette, Toy, Electrical, Medical Equipment, Home Appliances, Electronic Goods, Infant & mom, Retail department stores, etc

The summit will focus on the hot topics as below:

  1. Retailing Digital Transformation in the Middle East
  2. Key trends in the EMEA retail market
  3. New insights for new growthDeep knowledge of the Middle-east customer
  4. Global shopping boost travel-retail industry
  5. Omnichannel retail, Providing shoppers a unified experience
  6. The Dubai Malls Retail Strategies in the Middle East
  7. Retail 360°: the line blurring between offline and online
  8. How to use data to deliver more personal experiences
  9. How to innovite the product to Meet the Personalized Consumers
  10. Middle East e-commerce to deepen its inroads into retail
  11. Under the background of "One Belt And One Road", Chinese enterprises’ local strategies
  12. How to keep customers’ loyalty

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Providing English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation facility for 2days. 2 days buffet lunch in five-star hotel. 4 Tea breaks providing

USD  2,500.00

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