In recent decades, a great deal of scientific research has been carried out involving issues relevant to management practices. Evidence Based Management means making decisions based on best accessible facts, that is, scientific findings and unbiased organizational facts. This is an emerging area in management which is based on critical thinking and best available contemporary and optimal evidence to explicitly use them in management and decision making process. This field of study has emerged from empiricism with the aim of applying scientific method to improve managerial decision making process. 
The aim of this conference is to provide a platform to the researchers, scholars, academicians and practitioners from different part of the globe to discuss various methods of evidence based management. The conference will focus on various techniques and methodologies along with their application to provide some concrete evidences for better managerial decision making. Further, this conference will also provide the opportunity to interact with some of the renowned experts in the domain of management and other scholars from different parts of the world.

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-12-15

Abstract submission deadline:2018-11-01

Author guidelines

The extended abstract and full paper should be made keeping the following guidelines in mind:

  • The extended abstract should contain section on the abstract of the paper (not more than 300 words), keywords describing the paper, introduction section, literature review along with hypotheses (if any), conceptual model, methodology, result, discussion, limitation, conclusion and references (and appendix, if needed).

    Please follow the below mentioned guidelines while submitting your extended abstract.

    ·         Page size: 8 ½ X 11 inch (single column only)

    ·         Word limit: 1500 words (including tables and references)

    ·         Font family: Times New Roman

    ·         Font size: 12

    ·         Line spacing: 2

    ·         Alignment: Justified

    ·         Border: 1 inch on all sides

    ·         File format: .doc or .docx

    ·         Maximum file size: 20 MB

    ·         Citations and References: Academy of Management Journal Guidelines

    ·         Page number: Upper right corner of each page

    In case you need guidance in formatting the citations and references for your submission, please visit and download the file.

    Insert the images and figures where they are supposed to be in the final version of the paper.

    You are advised to limit the headings to three levels. All headings should be boldfaced.

    ·         Main headings: All capital letters, centred

    ·         Second-level headings: Title style letters, left aligned

    ·         Third-level headings: First letter of first word capitalized; indented; italicized; and run into paragraph

    Please do not skip any level of heading before using a lower level. Any heading in the second or the third level should be used only when there are multiple such headings under their immediate higher level of heading.

    Kindly use footnotes on respective pages. Use footnotes as less as possible.

    If your paper contains hypothesis, please state each hypothesis separately, written in present tense. Use indentation and italicised font for hypotheses.

    Kindly use abbreviations only after you have mentioned the full form earlier in the text along with the abbreviated form in the first bracket. Names of organizations should be written in full the first time they are mentioned. Name of highly popular software, tools or techniques may be used in abbreviated form.

    Please ensure that the figures, images and tables are legible and are of high quality. Tables, figures and images should have titles and a short description. Write the titles along with the number, which should be consecutively increased for each type. This should be followed by a colon and a substantive title for each. The title of tables should be mentioned at the top, whereas the same for figures and images should be at the bottom. Authors are requested not to use colour in their tables, figures and images, to the extent it is possible. All tables, images and figures should be referred in the main body of the text.

    If needed, you may use appendices, which should be titled “Appendix A”, “Appendix B” etc. followed by a colon and a substantive title.

    Interested participants are suggested to download a sample paper from the “Download” section of this website.

    Participants should ensure that the submitted abstracts are their original work and have not been published in any form (hard copy or soft copy) earlier. If the extended abstract has already been submitted to any other journal or conference, the same should not be available in any format before ICEBM 2019.

    Failing to adhere to the guidelines may make your submission liable for rejection.


Program Committee

1.     Dr. Leela Rani(Chair)

2.     Prof. Anil K. Bhat

3.     Dr. Nirankush Dutta

4.     Dr. Rajesh Matai

5.     Dr. Satyendra Sharma

6.     Dr. Saurabh Chadha


Organizing committee

1.     Dr. Arun Kumar

2.     Dr. Jayashree Mahesh

3.     Dr. Jyoti Tikoria

4.     Dr. Neetu Yadav  

5.     Dr. Pratyush Banerjee

6.     Dr. Praveen Goyal

7.     Dr. R. Raghunathan       

8.     Dr. Udayan Chanda

 Executive Assistants

1.     Mr. Omkar Sahoo

2.     Mr. Dilawar Ahmad Bhat

3.     Ms. Bhanu Mishra

4.     Mr. Himanshu Seth

5.     Mr. Victor Saha


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