The Organizing Committee has the pleasure to invite you to join the International Conference on Computing and Wireless Communication Systems (ICCWCS’19), which will be held in Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofaïl University -Kénitra- during April 24-25, 2019. This event is in collaboration with “Association Marocaine de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation, Morocco “. Following the great success of the First and the Second editions events ICCWCS’16 and ICCWCS’17, the ICCWCS’19 event will provide unique opportunity to have fruitful discussions about Antennas & Propagation, Renewable Energy, Computer Science and Information Technology. The ICCWCS’19 conference is intended to provide an ideal platform to discuss, to share experiences and to open opportunities for collaboration between the different existing working groups in the areas of engineering and information technology. It is also an excellent opportunity for young researchers to start in the work of publication and dissemination of its work and contributions of research. We invite all the authors to participate and to contribute with their communications work, innovative research or technological development.

Submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to conference, contributions, and presentation. All accepted (Registered & Presented & respect ACM requirements) papers of ICCWCS’19 will be published by ACM –International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS)– which is indexed in Scopus and will be available in ACM Digital Library (pending). 

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-11-15

Topics of submission

1. Antennas & Propagation

  • Antennas Systems: Theory, modelling, calibration and measurements

  • Active antennas, reconfigurable antennas

  • Phased Arrays

  • Biophysics & radioprotection

2. Passive Components, Circuits and Subsystems

  • Planar Passive Components and Circuits

  • Non-Planar Passive Components and Circuits

  • Planar Filters


  • Metamaterials

  • Emerging Technology

  • Metallic materials

3. Active devices

  • THz Components and Circuits

  • Microwave Photonic Circuits and Systems

  • Microwave Amplifier & Oscillator

  • Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting

4. Renewable Energy

  • Efficiency and Policies

  • Renewable Energy Sources and System Integration

  • Wind Energy Systems

  • Solar Energy Systems

  • Emergent Renewables and Smart Grids

5. Computer Science, Intelligent Systems and Information Technologies

  • Engineering and Computational Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

  • Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

  • Business Intelligence and Big Data

  • Data Mining, Knowledge Representation, Discovery and Management

  • Machine Learning

  • Robotics and Embedded Systems

  • Smart Wireless Sensors and Systems

  • Security, Smart grids and Wireless network technologies

  • E-Learning, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and Educational Technology

  • Serious Games

  • Mobile, Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  • Multimedia and Signal Processing

  • Bioinformatics

  • Source separation

  • Bayesian learning and signal processing

  • Independent component analysis


Program Committee

  • Ahmed Chériti, Quebec University, Trois-Rivières, Canada

  • Ahmed Tayeb, Denidni INRS, Canada

  • Aboelmagd Noureldin Royal Military College of Canada

  • ABRI Hadjira Tlemcen University Algeria

  • Abderrahmane Amrouche, USTHB, Algeria

  • Abdeldjalil Ouahabi University of Tours France

  • Amir Jafargholi, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran

  • Ahmed Lakhssassi, University of Quebec Canada

  • Ahmed Rhallabi, PCM IMN Nantes, France

  • Abri Mehadji, Tlemcen University Algeria

  • Bachir Boudraa, USTHB, Algeria

  • Bernard DOUSSET, UPS, Toulouse, France

  • Bertelle CYRILLE, Le Havre University, Le Havre, France

  • Catalin Iulian Pruncu, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK)

  • Daniel Massicotte, Quebec University, Trois-Rivières, Canada

  • Donghyun Baek, Chung-Ang University, Korea

  • Ezzeddine BENAISSA, Le Havre University, Le Havre, France

  • Fumie Costen, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Hossam Hassanein, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

  • JUNWU TAO INPT of Toulouse France

  • Jamel Ghouili, Moncton University, Canada

  • Jérôme Tissier, ESEO-IETR Angers, France

  • Jean-Yves Chouinard, Faculty of sciences University of Laval Canada

  • Larbi Talbi, University of Quebec Canada

  • Malika Boudraa, USTHB, Algeria

  • Mounir BENAISSA, University of Sfax, Tunisia

  • Mostafa Hefnawi, Royal Military College, Canada

  • Mohamed Latrach, ESEO-IETR Angers, France

  • Mohammed EL Gibari, IETR – University of Nantes

  • Mohamed Tarbouchi, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

  • Mohamed Ben Slima, ENET’COM, Sfax, Tunisia

  • Qingfeng Zhang, South University of Science and Technology, China

  • Rashid Saleem, University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

  • Said Hariri, “Ecole des Mines de Douai”,France

  • Tayeb A. Denidni, INRS Canada

  • Yasmina Layouni, Lyon Institue of Nanotechnology (INL), Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, France

  • Yassine ADNANE, Le Havre University, Le Havre, France

  • Abdelouahid LYHYAOUI , ENSA, Tangier, UAE, Morocco

  • Abdelmounim Elhassane, FSTS Hassan 1st University, Morocco

  • Abdelmjid Saka, ENSA of Fez, Morocco

  • Abdelmajid Badri, FST of Mohammedia, Morocco

  • Abdeslam Ait Madi, Ensa of Kenitra, Morocco

  • Adil Echchelh,FS of Kenitra, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

  • Abdelhamid Zouhair ENSA of Al Hoceima, Morocco

  • Abdelkbir Lahrech,FPK UH1 Settat, Morocco

  • Boubker Sbihi, School of Information Sciences, Rabat, Morocco

  • Bennani Dosse Saad, ENSA of FES, Morocco

  • El Mokhtar EN-NAIMI, FST of Tangier, LIST Laboratory, UAE, Morocco

  • Hamid Bennis, EST of Meknes, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco

  • Hicham Rouijaa, FST of Settat, Morocco

  • Hassane Moustabchir, FST of Errachidia, Morocco

  • Karim El Moutaouakil, ENSA El Hoceima, Morocco

  • Khalid Haddouch, ENSA El Hoceima, Morocco

  • Mohamed Chaouki Abounaima, FST of Fez, Morocco

  • Mohammed Jorio, FST of Fez, Morocco

  • Mohammed El Haj Tirari, INSEA, Morocco

  • Mohamed Chrayah, ENSA of Tetuan, Morocco

  • Mohammed AL ACHAB, ENSA, Tetuan, UAE, Morocco

  • Mohamed LAZAAR, ENSA, Tetuan, UAE, Morocco

  • Noura AKNIN, FS of Tetuan, Morocco

  • Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi, FST of Fez, Morocco

  • Naoufal Raissouni, ENSA of Tetuan, Morocco

  • Nabil El Akkad, ENSA OF FES, Morocco

  • Otman Chakkor, ENSA of Tetuan, Morocco

  • Rafik Lasri, Polydisciplinary Faculty of Larache, Morocco

  • Samira Khoulji, ENSA of Tetuan, Morocco

  • Setti Larbi, Polydisciplinary Faculty of Larache, Morocco

  • Youssef Zaz, FS of Tetuan , Morocco

  • Youness Tabii, ENSA of Tetuan, Morocco

  • CHALH ZAKARIA, ENSA de Fès, Morocco

  • ALFIDI MOHAMMED, ENSA de Fès, Morocco


  • Jack Legrand, University of nantes, France

  • Arhallias abdellah, University of Nantes, France

  • Elkhider sidi ahmed, University of Nantes, France

  • Kaawachi hamid, University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco

  • Idrissi hassan, FSTM Hassan II University, Morocco

  • Hattabi Mohamed, Ensem of casa, Morocco

  • SEMMA El Alami,FSTS Hassan 1st University, Morocco

  • Mohammed BENBRAHIM, Ensak, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

  • Hakim ALLALI, FSTS Hassan 1st University, Morocco

Organizing committee

  • Adil Echchelh, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

  • Jamal Zbitou, FSTS, Hassan 1st University, Morocco

  • Ahmed Errkik, FSTS Hassan 1st University, Morocco

  • Hlou laamari, fs Ibn Tofaïl University, Morocco

  • Lahlou fouad, fs Ibn Tofaïl University, Morocco

  • Ahd Mohamed, fs Ibn Tofaïl University, Morocco


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  • Prof.Adil Echchelh

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