Today’s global marketplace is truly fast-changing. The rising middle class in emerging markets, disruptive technological breakthroughs, new real-time consumer insights facilitated by big data analytics, changing consumer habits and preferences, growth in international commerce and the relevant concerns over national trade policies, renewed ethical concerns about consumer privacy, and the tools through which companies operate, market, connect with and build relationships with their customers. In addition, the rate of change drives companies to continually evaluate and adapt their marketing strategies and structures to remain competitive. Taking into account these current affairs, this conference focuses on exploring the marketing opportunities and challenges that exist in this fast-changing landscape. The location for the conference is Vancouver, a city recognized for its vibrant global character and diverse population. It provides the ideal backdrop to bring marketing scholars together to discuss these important issues.[JM1] 

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-08-15

Abstract submission deadline:2018-08-15

Author guidelines

All questions about the appropriateness of a topic or the status of a submission should be addressed to the track chair of the track to which you submit the paper too.  The list of track chairs can be found below.

Full paper submissions should not exceed 12 single-spaced pages or 7,000 words, whichever is less (Times New Roman  12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, see’s “help” tab for detailed formatting information) in total length, including all exhibits and references. Be sure to include the title information with each submission but do not include a title page with author identification in the submitted document file. The name of the paper, names and affiliations of each author, and complete contact information for the corresponding author(s) (address, e-mail address, phone) will be requested.  Please be sure to spell all author names correctly.  Misspelled names create problems in creating the program and effective communication.  It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks. Manuscripts will be double blind reviewed. Only papers submitted as full papers can be published in the proceedings as full papers. A full paper may also be published as a one-page abstract.

Structured abstracts submissions should not exceed 4 single-spaced pages following the guidelines at’s “help” page. A sample structured abstract is linked on the author submission guidelines at’s help page. Structured abstract’s accepted for presentation are published as one-page abstract in the Proceedings.

Special session/panel proposals can be submitted through the conference management system to the special session submissions track. Proposals should contain a 50-word bio of each speaker, a one-page description of the session, and a one-page description of each presentation. If the special session contains individual presentations, each with its own unique “talk” title, then each presentation should be entered into the system separately with a unique identifier in the title tying it back to the special session.  In other words, if the special session is about “Fun at AMS,” individual “talks” would have a title like: “Fun at AMS: How to Network Professionally at Receptions.”  Please contact one of the special session submission co-chairs prior to uploading a proposal submission. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation. The program team welcomes all ideas for presentations, workshops, or other sessions that may be of interest to the AMS Fellows. Please contact the appropriate track chairs with your ideas.

Topics of submission

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Marketing
  • See Track List for More


The program is managed by the conference chairs and the following track chairs under the direction of the AMS VP-Programs (Brad Carlson).
Track Chairs

Advertising and IMC

Douglas West

King's College London, UK

Gerard Prendergast

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


B2B Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Jennifer A. Espinosa

Rowan University, USA

Robert E. Hooker

University of South Florida, USA

Iana Lukina

University of South Florida, USA


Big Data and Marketing Analytics

Prokriti Mukherji

King's College London, UK

Sergio Davalos

University of Washington Tacoma, USA


Brand Management

Cleopatra Veloutsou

University of Glasgow, UK

Fabien Pecot

University of York, UK


Consumer Behavior

Jean-Luc Herrmann

University of Lorraine, France

Claas Christian Germelmann

University of Bayreuth, Germany


Digital and Social Media Marketing

Janna Parker

James Madison University, USA

Debra Zahay

St. Edward's University, USA

Kirk Plangger

King's College London, UK


Ethics, Sustainability and CSR

Pinar Kekec

University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

Yanhui Zhao

University of Nebraska Omaha, USA


Innovations and New Product Development

Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl

Brock University, Canada

Adam Mills

Loyola University New Orleans, USA


International Marketing

Tarek Mady

University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Arne Baruca

Texas A&M San Antonio, USA


Marketing Pedagogy and Education

Varsha Jain

MICA, India

Subhadip Roy

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur, India


Marketing Strategy

H. Erkan Ozkaya

California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA

Martin Heinberg

University of Leeds, UK


Non-profit Marketing and Public Policy

Christopher Hopkins

Auburn University, USA

Karen Hopkins

Auburn University, USA


Personal Selling and Sales Management

Blake A. Runnalls

University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

Wyatt Schrock

Michigan State University, USA


Research Methods

M. Billur Akdeniz

University of New Hampshire, USA

Ashwin Malshe

University of Texas San Antonio, USA


Retailing and Pricing

K. Sivakumar

Lehigh University, USA

S.P. Raj

Syracuse University, USA


Sensory Marketing

Nina Krey

Rowan University, USA

Lauren M. Brewer

University of Texas Arlington, USA

Services Marketing

Nicholas Paparoidamis

NEOMA Business School, France

Achilleas Boukis

University of Sussex, UK


Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Gregory Rose

University of Washington Tacoma, USA

Vassilis Dalakas

California State University San Marcos, USA


Wine and Tourism Marketing

Drew Martin

University of South Carolina, USA

Ulrich Orth

Kiel University, Germany


Doctoral Colloquium

John B. Ford

Old Dominion University, USA

Mathieu Kacha

University of Lorraine, France


Mary Kay Inc. Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Rajshekar Agnihotri

Iowa State University, USA

Ritesh Saini

University of Texas Arlington, USA


Special Session Submissions

Altaf Merchant

University of Washington Tacoma, USA

Jeannette A. Mena

University of South Florida, USA


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