ICETMSD 2018 will cover a wide range of issues related to the Engineering, Technology, and Management Problems. It will conduct research for working in universities, colleges, and industry who are interested in enhancing skills.

All Selected and presented papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Journals. SKYPE presentation is allowed for authors.

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-08-31

Abstract submission deadline:2018-08-31

Topics of submission

List of Topics & Tracks

  • Track 1 : Engineering & Technology (Computing, Communication Technology,Technological Development,Biomedical Technologies,m-Commerce,Urban Transportation,City planning,e-Governance,Internet of things,Distance Education & E-Learning,Smart Cities,Energy)

  • Track 2 : Science(Coastal Towns and Small Cities,Environmental Sustainability,Renewable Energies,Energy resources and savings,Bio-Energy,Agro – Sciences,Science Education,Atmospheric Physics,Resilience Building in Agriculture,Water and Soil conservation)

  • Track 3 : Management(Management Information System,Entrepreneurship Management,Collaborative Arts & Culture, MicroFinance, Financial Sustainability,Supply Chain Management,International Trade,SMEs,Customer Relationship Mgt., Economics and Demography)

  • Track 4 : Multidisciplinary (Advanced computing architectures,Big data representation,Data Analytics,Data Science,High performance computing,Wireless Sensor Networks,Image processing interpretations,Database and Data Mining)


Program Committee

  • Chief Patron : Shri. Sanjay Bansal,Chairman, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Patron : Mr. Aman Bansal,Managing Director, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Honorary Chair : Dr. Ravi Kant Singh, Dean Academics, NIET, Greater Noida, India

  • Convener : Dr. Manish Kumar, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Co-Convener : Dr. Luxmi Sapra, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • General Chair : Dr. Sandhya Tarar, Gautam Buddha University, India

  • Conference Chair : Dr. Niranjan Lal Verma, Mody University, India

  • TPC Chair : Dr. Amit Bhatt,  DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Executive General Chair : Dr. Anand Sharma, Mody University, India

  • Program Chair : Dr. Sourabh Singh Verma, Mody University, India

  • Conference Co-Chair : Dr. Manoj Diwakar, DIT University, India

  • Finance Chair : Mr. Sunil Kumar, Life Way Tech India

Organizing committee

  • Mr. R. K. Mishra, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Saurabh Rajvanshi, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Arjun Singh, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Jitendra Panwar (MTO), DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Yogesh Tiwari, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Ms. Meenakshi Rajput, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Dr. Manish Kumar, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Digvijay Singh, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Shadab Tyagi, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Mayank Mittal, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Mr. Pramod Vashisth, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Dr. Megha Bahuguna, DBGI, Dehradun, India

  • Dr. Richa, DBGI, Dehradun, India


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