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InfoTech-2018 will be organized as a combined format:

  1. Preliminary discussion on submitted reports by using virtualforum on the conference web site from 15 July 2018 to 15 August 2018.
  2. Presentation on site during conference sessions at 20-21 September 2018.

The forum is organized in the frame of “Days of the Science of Technical University-Sofia, 2018”

InfoTech is an international forum for scientists, researchers, industrial experts to share innovations, experience and new research results in the fields of Information Technologies and Information Security; Technologies for System Design and Intelligent Systems; Technological Aspects of e-Governance and Data Protection, etc. The forum is a successor of International Conference on Systems for Automation of Engineering and Research (SAER), established in 1987 and International Workshop on e-Governance and Data Protection (EG&DP), established in 2005.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

The main conference sections and topics (but not limited) are as follow:

Information Technologies

Software Technologies and Programming; Digital Signal Processing and Applications; Database Management Systems and Information Systems; Business Intelligence, CRM- and ERP-Systems; Project Management and Quality Management Systems; Computational Social Science; Hypermedia, Multimedia and Social Media; Visualization Methods and Techniques; Augmented and Virtual Reality; Bioinformatics and Health Informatics.

Information Security

Security Policy, Methods and Tools; Cryptography, PKI and e-Signature; Biometrics and Authentication Technologies; Digital Rights Management Systems; Security Policy Analysis and Crisis Management; Cyber-attacks and Security; Energy Policy and Security of Supplies.

Networking and Communication Technologies

Networking – Protocols, Design, Investigation; P2P and Complex Networks; Grid Systems; Cloud Computing (Cloud Services and Applications); Mobile Cloud Computing; Internet of Things (IoT); Machine to Machine Communications (M2M); Autonomic Network Computing; Online Communities and Social Computing; Web-Based Applications.

Intelligent Systems and Applications

Intelligent and Agent Systems; Knowledge-Based Applications; Ontology and Semantic Web; Intelligent Transport Systems; Intellectual and Virtual Environments; User Modelling.

Technologies for System Design & Investigation

Automation of System Design and Research; Computer Architecture and Performance Evaluation; Parallel Systems and Technologies; Microarchitecture and Reconfigurable Computing; Computer Modelling and System Investigation; CAD Systems; Embedded Systems; Testing, Diagnostic and System Reliability; Power Systems, Automation and Control; Renewable Energy, Smart Systems and Energy Efficiency.

Technological Aspects of e-Governance & Privacy

*  e-Society, e-Policy, e-Democracy, e-Voting; e-Access and e-Servicing; e-Government and e-Municipality; e-Learning – Systems and Applications; e-Business and e-Commerce; e-Health and Interoperability in Healthcare ICT.
*  Privacy and Personal Data Protection (PDP); Models of PDP, Registration and Regulation; Policy and Practices for PDP; Technological Structures for PDP; Security Policy in PDP; PDP in Cloud Services.



Prof. Dencho BATANOV, Ph.D.  (Thailand)
Prof. Francesco BERGADANO  (Italy)
Prof. Dumitru Dan BURDESCU, Ph.D.  (Romania)
Assoc. Prof. Vassil FOURNADJIEV, Ph.D.  (Bulgaria)
Prof. Vangel FUSTIK, D.Sc.  (Macedonia)
Victor GAYOSO MARTÍNEZ, Ph.D.  (Spain)
Prof. Iliya GEORGIEV  (USA)
Assoc. Prof. Alaine M. GUIMARÃES, Ph.D.  (Brazil)
Prof. Luis HERNÁNDEZ ENCINAS, D.Sc.  (Spain)
Prof. Atanas ILIEV, Ph.D.  (Macedonia)
Assoc. Prof. Ivan JELINEK, Ph.D.  (Czech Republic)
Assoc. Prof. Karl O. JONES   (UK)
Dr. Zeashan H. KHAN   (Pakistan)
Prof. Dong Hwa KIM, Ph.D.  (Korea)
Prof. Karol MATIAŠKO   (Slovakia)
Assoc. Prof. Brojo MISHRA, Ph.D.  (India)
Assoc. Prof Jezabel MOLINA-GIL   (Spain)
Assoc. Prof. Irina NONINSKA, Ph.D.   (Bulgaria)
Prantosh Kumar PAUL, Ph.D.  (India)
Prof. Evelina PENCHEVA, D.Sc.   (Bulgaria)
Prof. Goran RAFAJLOVSKI, Ph.D.   (Macedonia)
Prof. Radi ROMANSKY, D.Sc. (Chairman)   (Bulgaria)
Prof. Leon ROTHKRANTZ, D.Sc.  (The Netherlands)
Assoc. Prof. Sudhir K. ROUTRAY, Ph.D.  (India)
Prof. Heather RUSKIN, Ph.D.  (Ireland)
Prof. Eugene SEMENKIN, D.Sc.  (Russia)
Prof. Radomir STANKOVIĆ, Ph.D.  (Serbia)
Prof. Ivan TASHEV, Ph.D.  (USA)
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar TSANEV, Ph.D.  (Bulgaria)
Prof. Kalum P. UDAGEPOLA, Ph.D.  (Australia)
Prof. Larissa ZAITSEVA, D.Sc.  (Latvia)


Chairman:     Radi ROMANSKY

Dimitar TZANEV,
Desislava IVANOVA


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    20 Sep.



    21 Sep.


  • 30 May.


    Draft paper submission deadline

Contact information

  • Prof. R. Romansky, D.Sc.