nternational science and technology conference "FarEastСon" is dedicated to the discussion of today’s achievements and farsighted researches in the area of intellectual technology use for solving of real, applied tasks in various areas of industries and energy policies of nations. The conference is organized for the purpose of support of interdisciplinary discussion and publication of scientific-research results that summarizes researches in the technical sphere of knowledge at higher educational institutions, research institutes, major industrial enterprises, science and production unions of the Russian Federation, authors from foreign countries, and results of researches conducted with the initiative of authors.

Main sections of the conference:

  • Control and automation systems for manufacturing in the industrial production areas;
  • Industrial mechatronic systems and robotics;
  • Electric power systems and renewable energy sources;
  • Power electronics, electric machines and electric drives;
  • Microprocessor control systems and signal processing;
  • Modeling and computer technologies;
  • Theory and applications of dynamical measurements;
  • Information and measuring technologies;
  • Organizational and managerial solutions for organization of energy and resource efficiency.

The conference represents an informational platform for accumulation of expert opinion on projects and initiatives that are aimed at implementation of farsighted scientific research and development; it allows to present scientific and practical achievements to a wide circle of researchers.

The conference sections are of interest to a broad range of specialists in the sphere of development of new innovative solutions and organization of events that increase efficiency of application of energy technologies in their various manifestations. The conference is also interesting for engineering and sci-tech workers that are involved in development and adjustment of automation equipment and systems of management of technical electrified sights and informative-measuring devices for collecting, measuring and research of information on currents in electric-technical complexes and systems. It is also of high interest for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the following programs: “Power systems engineering and electrotechnics”, “Automatized systems”, “Managerial systems in power technologies”, etc.

The conference format implies presentations of papers in thematic sections with demonstration of presentation materials. The official languages are Russian and English.

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-03-30


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