The missions of CPGIS is as following:

(a) To promote the professional development of its members by fostering cooperation among its members and by maintaining a central point of reference and deliberation.

(b) To promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and scientific development in GIS and related sciences and technologies between Chinese GIS professionals abroad and those in China.

(c) To provide an efficient channel between its members and other GIS professionals, through which mutual understanding and cooperation can be enhanced.

(d) To promote education of geographic information sciences at all levels around the world.

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Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-03-20

Topics of submission

We welcome traditional topics in GIS Science and also encourage papers on new and emergent themes including but not limit to:

l Smart City

l Sensor network for GIS

l Spatiotemporal Data Analysis

l Big Data

l Internet of Things for GIS

l Urban GIS and application

l Environment GIS and application

l Geospatial cloud computing

l Geospatial data sharing and interoperability

l Multi-dimensional spatial data modeling

l VGI and Crowdsourcing

l Remote sensing sciences and applications


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