Asian Control Conference (ASCC) is the international conference held in Asia contributing to the progress of control science and technology not only of Asia but also of the world. It started in 1994 with the first hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology. The second ASCC was held in 1997 in Seoul, Korea and subsequently in Shanghai (2000), Singapore (2002), Melbourne (2004), Bali (2006), Hong Kong (2009), Taiwan (2001), Istanbul (2013), Kota Kinabaru (2015) and Gold Coast (2017). In 2019, just a quarter-century after the 1st ASCC, it will come back to Japan.


June 9 (Sunday) Registration, Tutrials, City tours, Reception
June 10 (Monday) Opening, Prenary talk, Technical sessions, Technical Tours
June 11 (Tuesday) Prenary talk, Technical sessions, Tours, Banquet
June 12 (Wednesday) Prenary talk, Technical sessions, Closing, Farewell Party

Call for paperSubmit paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-10-15

Topics of submission

  • Control Theories
  • Industrial Applications
  • Control Devices, Sensors and Actuators
  • System Identification and Modeling
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Motion and Vibration Control
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Medical and financial systems
  • Cyber Security
  • Communication
  • Other Topics Related to Control


Advisory Committee To General Chair

Etsujiro Shimemura, Japan
Hidenori Kimura, Japan
Hyung Suck Cho, South Korea
Wook Hyun Kwon, South Korea
Yugeng Xi, China
Li Chen Fu, Taiwan
Sang Chul Won, South Korea
Tong Heng Lee, Singapore

General Chair

Takeshi Mizuno, Saitama Univ.

General Co-Chair

Yasuchika Mori, Transportation Systems & Electric Co., Ltd.

General Secretary

Mitsuji Sampei, Tokyo Insitute of Technology

IPC Co-Chairs

Toru Namerikawa, Keio Univ.
Mitsuo Hirata, Utsunomiya Univ.

Invited Sessons Co-Chairs

Kenichiro Nonaka, Tokyo City Univ.
Hitoshi Katayama, Shizuoka Univ.

Publications Co-Chairs

Makoto Yokoyama, Niigata Univ.
Masaki Takahashi, Keio Univ.

Advisory Committee to IPC Co-Chairs

Shaoyuan Li, China 
Kai-Tai Song, Taiwan
Ian Petersen, Australia 
Keum-Shik Hong, South Korea
Ibrahim Eskin, Turkey
Radhakant Padhi, India
Li Qiu, Hong Kong
Masoud Shafiee, Iran
Ying Tan, Australia
Bambang R. Trilaksono, Indonesia
Ching-Chih Tsai, Taiwan
Manop Wongsaisuwan, Thailand
Wei Wang, China
Rubiyah B. Yusof, Malaysia
Yanlong Zhao, China
Aamer I. Bhatti, Pakistan
Taketoshi Kawabe, Japan
Chul-Goo Kang, South Korea
Uskenbayeva R. Kabievna, Kazakhstan

Registration Co-Chairs

Shiro Masuda, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.
Toshihiko Shiraishi, Yokohama National Univ.

Publicity Chair

Masaya Takasaki, Saitama Univ.

Finance Chair

Terumasa Narukawa, Saitama Univ.

Exhibition Co-Chairs

Toru Watanabe, Nihon Univ.
Masayuki Hara, Saitama Univ.

Local Arrangement Chair

Noboru Sebe, Kyushu Institute of Technology


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