As the Chair of the IWA Specialist Group on “Odours and Volatile Emissions” and the Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to Hangzhou, China to join the 8th IWA Odours and VOC/Air Emissions Conference. This will be the first IWA Odour Conference to be held in China in this series, after previous events in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, USA, France (cancelled due to Terrorist attack) and Poland.

The increased urbanization all over the world during the past years especially in China is now facing more frequently air quality issues. Odours and VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) emissions also present as key factors for planning and selecting locations for sustainable production in livestock & industry and for sustainable management of waste and wastewater. The novel cost-effective solutions are therefore not only relevant to Odour/VOC abatement and mitigation, but also to odour management as the key tool of securing the minimized impacts to local community. The Conference Organizing Committee and I look forward to welcoming you to this enjoyable event and to meeting all of you personally in Hangzhou in October 2019.

Call for paper

Call for paper description

Please send an email to or submit a summary by submitting the official website online. Abstracts must be written in original and English, no more than 500 words, no more than 2 pages, excluding key illustrations and forms. The abstract must contain enough information for the scientific committee to review the full text quality of the paper. The abstract submission is as of March 1, 2019. Proposals that are not selected for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation. Please note that for each selected paper, at least one author must be registered to attend the meeting. 


Dezhao Liu (Chair)

Guanyi Chen (Co-Chair)

Kehua Zou (Co-Chair)

Hongtao Wang

Pinjing He

Jiemin Liu

Junxin Liu

Shicheng Zhang

Dezhi Sun

Guangli Xiu

Jinying Xi

Dongsheng Wang

Weifang Li

Tongbin Chen

Dongbei Yue

Feng Pan

Jiang Chang

Lin Li

Fan Lv

Kaiying Wang

Ziyang Lou

Cheng Yan

Gen Wang

Ruo He

Can Wang

Ning Qiang

Yongchao Zhou


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    13 Oct.



    17 Oct.


Contact information

  • Dr. Xianwang Kong
  • +86 8898 2563

Sponsored By

  • Zhejiang University
    The International Water Association
    Tianjin University
    State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Odor Pollution Control

Organized By

  • Zhejiang University