Aerospace industry is under the continuous pressure due to an increasing demand for new services and technologies,  higher integration level of electronics and reducing overall mass and volume of systems. New technologies and trends are calling for new approaches and methods to achieve compatibility between a huge variety of equipment. In the view of traditional verification approach from equipment to subsystem to system level, the extended use of commercial off  the shelf components and the miniaturization into the Cube Sat standards present new challenges to the EMC society. In order to avoid retesting, fixing or redesign of already integrated systems, EMC engineers are seeking to improve the means of forecasting possible compatibility issues and validating subsystem designs. To achieve these goals a close  collaboration of industry, academia and agencies is required.

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Measurement Techniques  and Test Methods:
EMC test instrumentation, facilities and software
Development and innovation in measurement techniques
Measurement uncertainty, repeatability and reproducibility         
Conducted test methods
Near-field test methods
Radiated test methods
ESD test methods
Measurement of shielding effectiveness
Time domain methods

Magnetic Cleanliness:
Management of requirements and verification
Design for magnetic cleanliness
Magnetic modelling and simulation methods
DC and AC magnetic measurement techniques
Magnetostatic shielding
Eddy current effects

EM Environment and EMI Effects:
Mitigation of electrostatic charging
Direct and indirect effects of electrostatic discharge
Lightning effects modelling and mitigation
Field-to-wire coupling and crosstalk
Biological effects of electromagnetic radiation

EMC of Communication and Data Systems:
Portable electronic devices
Radio frequency compatibility
DC-powerline communication
Wireless data transmission
High-speed data transmission lines

EMI Analyses and Predictions: 
Effective modelling of coupling paths
Numerical modelling techniques
Modelling of transmission lines 
Time and frequency domain modelling
Statistical electromagnetics

EMC Control, Management and Standardization:
EMC-oriented design strategies
Diagnostics and troubleshooting methods
Safety margins and qualification
Specifications and standards
Tailoring of EMC standards
Cost-effective EMC approaches

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