This conference is sponsored by International Academy of Computing Technology (IACT). It will bring together the top researchers from Asian Pacific nations, North America, Europe and around the world to exchange their research results and address open issues in Computer Science, System, System Model, Software Engineering and Service Science. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of Computer Science, System, System Model, Software Engineering and Service Science.


2017-10-21 星期六


2017-10-22 星期日

2017-10-23 星期一

2017-10-24 星期二

2017-10-25 星期三

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Software Engineering:
Methods and Techniques for Software Development
Software Maintenance
Requirements Engineering
Object-Oriented Technologies
Model-driven Architecture and Engineering
Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering
Software Reuse
Software Management
Model Engineering 
Software Architectures Design 
Frameworks and Design Patterns
Architecture-Centered Development
Component-based Design 
Middleware Components 
Software Quality
Quality Management and Assurance
Risk Analysis
Program Analysis
Verification and Validation
Testing of Software Systems 
Software Project Management
Software Evaluation

Service Sciences:
The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies
Geographic Information System
Management strategy in e-commerce enterprise
Service/Event Management & Manufacturing 
Service Design, Engineering, Operations, and Innovations
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Material Flow (MF) Science and Technology 
Knowledge Engineering and Management 
Web Technologies and Information Management


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    15 Mar.



    17 Mar.


  • 10 Nov.


    Draft paper submission deadline

Contact information

  • Ms. Linda Zhou
  • +86-18081079313