As there have been proposed a variety of service architectures of mobile networks such as IoT networks, edge computing and fog computing,concerns on their security and trust are also growing.
Mobile networks are characterized by enormous number of devices and limited capabilities of communications and computations, which makes hard to Establish security and trust in a mobile network.Different types of analysis on threat models are required, and new types of security measures have been invented by the analysis including monitoring of the whole network.
Trust provides another measure for security in mobile network. Instead of strictly monitoring network, participants are based on some guarantee on others' behaviors, and can save the related security cost.To establish trust in mobile network whose participants have limited capabilities of communications and computing, we face a number of challenges.This forum is organized as a workshop attached to IEEE Mobile Cloud 2019,and provides an opportunity of discussion of security and trust issues in IoT/edge/fog network.
Accepted papers will be published as a part of Proceedings of Mobile Cloud 2019.



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Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2018-11-01

Abstract submission deadline:2018-12-15

Call for paper description

as a part of IEEE Mobile Cloud 2019 - Call for Papers

** Deadline for paper submission: December 15th, 2018 **

#Important Dates
Paper submission due: December 15
Notification due: January 19
Final manuscript due: January 31

Topics of submission

Topics of interest, embedded with the special interest on the annual theme, 
include, but are not limited to:

Security in IoT/Edge/Fog Network
Security in Mobile Network in General
   o Threat Models in Mobile Network
   o Risk Analysis of Threats
   o Security Measures in Mobile Network
   o Monitoring Technologies for Mobile Network
   o Device security for IoT nodes
   o Network security for Bluetooth/NFC
   o Application of Blockchain to Security in Mobile and Distributed Network
   o Mobile Network Control
   o Security Architecture for Mobile Network
   o Case Studies
Trust in IoT/Edge/Fog Network
Trust in Mobile Network in General
   o Policy Analysis for Trust in Mobile Network
   o Control Matrix for Mobile Network
   o Assessment Technologies for Mobile Network
   o Trust Framework Architecutres for Mobile Network
   o Protocols in Trust Framework
   o Micro Trust-anchor establishment
   o Privacy Issues in Trust Framework
   o Legal Issues and Trust in Mobile Network
   o Deployment of Trust Framework for Mobile Network


Organizing Committee

Workshop Chair:
SATO, Hiroyuki (U. Tokyo)

Program Committee:
5-10 members


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  • SATO, Hiroyuki (U. Tokyo)
  • 4080000000

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