The conference will have two main objectives to outreach. Firstly, it will discuss the impact of transition to Fourth Industrial Revolution on Ecosystem, Infrastructure, Efficiency and Competitiveness of industrial operation in general. We will investigate the macro needs to adapt smart operation in terms of changing connectivity, education and business practices. We will also explore the impact of augmented reality, robotics, IOT and artificial intelligent on value chain support and optimization.

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At this conference, we will identify solutions to improve Logistics Industries efficiency (filling returned empty containers, reduce fuel consumption, optimize labor intensive handling). We will also understand the impact of Industry 4.0 on optimizing logistic operations and delivery capabilities exploring real applications of advanced self-driving systems of loading and distribution in addition to increased accuracy & reduced labor intensity. During the conference, we will study types of smart methods of monitoring and operating engineering activities. The conference also examines how Industry 4.0 will improve its resource planning (ERP), estimation, market place and analysis. The conference will explore engineering practices and how to enhance management of design, scheduling, procurement, quality, control, documentation and safety by utilizing industry 4.0. We will share upstream and downstream experiences of applying Industry 4.0 on metal industries and will discuss impacts of automation, robotics and smart sensing on improving production and accuracy. The conference will also discuss on how digital system is enabling workers to communicate, share experience and develop skills. During this event, there will be discussions on how to increase control, safety and security by integrating system smartly. We also will investigate how artificial intelligence and data analysis will improve decisions of outsourcing, operation efficiency and networking.


Final submission of Abstracts: Nov 15, 2018

Abstract Acceptance Notification: Nov 30, 2018

Final submission of Paper or Presentation: Dec 9, 2018

Acceptance Notification of Paper or Presentation: Dec 30, 2018

Final Paper or Presentation Submission: Jan 22, 2019

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