The 11th CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems (CIRP IPS2 2019) will be held in Zhuhai and Hong Kong, China at 29-31st May 2019. This conference will bring together both academic and industrial communities to address new challenges and share solutions, and discuss future research directions. CIRP IPS2 2019 will focus its theme on “Smart Product and Service Twin” and we actively encourage authors to join the conference, to share their research results and insights, and to place particular emphasis on the perspective of circularity through IPS2.

Call for paper


Interested attendees are encouraged to propose special sessions/workshops, each of which consists of five papers providing a focused discussion of new or innovative topics. Each proposal must include the session/workshop title, description, organizers and affiliations. Proposals should be sent to the special session/workshop chair with the following emails.

Special Session/Workshop Chair E-mail:; cc to

Special session/workshop papers will undergo the same intense review process and submission is not a guarantee for acceptance. Special session/workshop papers must be clearly indicated when submitted with a copy sent to the designated special session/workshop organizer.

Number Workshop Title Workshop Organizers
WS1 Smart Design Engineering and PSS (SDE-PSS)
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Marcus Pereira Pessoa 
University of Twente, Netherlands
Chunlong Wu 
Hebei University of Technology, China 
John Sakwe 
Fontys University, Netherlads 
Number Session Title Session Organizers
SS1 Model-Driven Decision Support for PSS (MDDS-PSS)
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Marco Bertoni 
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Giuditta Pezzotta 
University of Bergamo, Italy
Tobias Larsson 
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Fabiana Pirola 
University of Bergamo, Italy
SS2 Robotics for Product-Service Systems (RPSS)
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Wenjun Xu 
Wuhan University of Technology, China
Duc Truong Pham 
University of Birmingham, UK
Lihui Wang 
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Ze Ji 
Cardiff University, UK

Author guidelines


Topics of submission

Technical topics of the conference include but are not limited to:
  • PSS and Digital Twin
  • PSS and Artificial Intelligence
  • PSS and Human-Computer Interaction
  • PSS and Industry 4.0
  • Resource Efficiency of PSS
  • Economic Aspects of PSS
  • Environmental Aspects of PSS
  • PSS and Sustainability
  • PSS and Social Innovation
  • PSS Design
  • PSS Management
  • PSS Maintenance and Service through Lifecycle
  • Service-Oriented Supply Chain
  • PSS Modelling and Optimization
  • PSS and Product Lifecycle Management


Conference co-Chairs

  • George Q Huang. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ting Qu. Jinan University, China

Conference Honorary Chair

  • Congdong Li. Jinan University, China


Program Committee co-Chairs

  • Matthias Thürer. Jinan University, China
  • Yang Liu. Linköping University, Sweden

Program Committee Members

  • Aurich, J.C. (Germany)
  • Baines, T.  (UK)
  • Bernard, A.  (France)
  • Björkman, M.  (Sweden)
  • Bocken, N.  (Netherlands)
  • Boks, C.  (Norway)
  • Boucher, X.  (France)
  • Brissaud, D.  (France)
  • Butala, P.  (Slovenia)
  • Cavalieri, S.  (Italy)
  • Chen, Q. X.  (China)
  • Dai, Q. Y.  (China)
  • Dalhammar, C.  (Sweden)
  • Duflou, J.  (Belgium)
  • ElMaraghy, W.  (Canada)
  • Erkoyuncu, J.  (UK)
  • Gao, L.  (China)
  • Gong, X. Y.  (China)
  • Hara, T.  (Japan)
  • Herrmann, C.  (Germany)
  • Hu, T. L.  (China)
  • Karagiannis, D.  (Austria)
  • Karlberg, M.  (Sweden)
  • Komoto, H.  (Japan)
  • Kowalkowski, C.  (Sweden)
  • Kumara, S.  (USA)
  • Li, H.  (China)
  • Li, W. D.  (China)
  • Lindahl, M.  (Sweden)
  • Lindström, J.  (Sweden)
  • Liu, J.  (China)
  • Liu, Q.  (China)
  • Liu, Y.  (Sweden)
  • Ljunggren Söderman, M.  (Sweden)
  • Lutters, E.  (Netherlands)
  • Nasr, N.  (USA)
  • Nishino, N.  (Japan)
  • Parida, V.  (Sweden)
  • Plepys, A.  (Sweden)
  • Roy, R.  (UK)
  • Sakao, T.  (Sweden)
  • Schroeder, A.  (UK)
  • Shimomura, Y.  (Japan)
  • Stark, R.  (Germany)
  • Sun, H. B.  (China)
  • Sundin, E.  (Sweden)
  • Sutherland, J. W.  (USA)
  • Takata, S.  (Japan)
  • Takenaka, T.  (Japan)
  • Tao, B.  (China)
  • Tao, F.  (China)
  • Tillman, A.-M.  (Sweden)
  • Tjahjono, B.  (UK)
  • Tolio, T.  (Italy)
  • Tomiyama, T.  (UK)
  • Tukker, A.  (Netherlands)
  • Umeda, Y.  (Japan)
  • Vancza, J.  (Hungary)
  • Wang, J. Q.  (China)
  • Watanabe, K.  (Japan)
  • Wu, F.  (China)
  • Xu, W. J.  (China)
  • Yang, H. D.  (China)
  • Zhang, Y. F.  (China)
  • Zhou, D. Q.  (China)
  • Zhou, G. H.  (China)
  • Zhou, W. H.  (China)
  • Zhu, B.  (China)

Organizing Committee co-Chairs

  • Suxiu Xu. Jinan University, China
  • Ray Y Zhong. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Organizing Committee Members

  • Mohamed Khalgui. Jinan University, China
  • Theodoros Tsiftsis. Jinan University, China
  • Yu Wang. Jinan University, China
  • Hongfei Guo. Jinan University, China
  • Rui Kong. Jinan University, China
  • Guangqing Lv. Jinan University, China
  • Guanghua Yang. Jinan University, China
  • Zheng Shi. Jinan University, China
  • Mian Yan. Jinan University, China
  • Alex Pak Ki Kwok. Jinan University, China
  • Qiang Li. Jinan University, China

Advisory Board co-Chairs

  • Lihui Wang. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Tian Huang. Tianjin University, China

Advisory Board Members

  • Chan, F. T. S.  (Hong Kong)
  • Huisingh, D.  (USA)
  • Jian, Z. F.  (Taiwan)
  • Jiang, P. Y.  (China)
  • Li, Z.W.  (Macau)
  • Lindahl, M.  (Sweden)
  • Liu. J, S.  (China)
  • Newman, S.  (UK)
  • Pedrycz, W.  (Canada)
  • Qi, E. S.  (China)
  • Qu, Z. X.  (Taiwan)
  • Ragulskis, M.  (Lithuania)
  • Sakao, T.  (Sweden)
  • Wang, L. D.  (China)
  • Wu, N. Q.  (Macau)


  • Xueying (Alice) Li. Jinan University, China
  • Baoshan Yu. Jinan University, China
  • Qiying Liu. Jinan University, China
  • Lisha Xie. Jinan University, China
  • Jinglu Li. Jinan University, China
  • Shuoyin (Leslie) Xie. Jinan University, China
  • Cui (Cici) Wang. Jinan University, China
  • Sisi Li. Jinan University, China
  • Xiaohong Wang. Jinan University, China
  • Qingyang Tang. Jinan University, China

Student Secretaries

  • Kai Zhang. Jinan University, China
  • Cejun Cao. Jinan University, China
  • Yanghua Pan. Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau
  • Ming Wan. Jinan University, China
  • Lin Ma. Jinan University, China
  • Jiao Sun. Jinan University, China
  • Hongfei Jiang. Jinan University, China
  • Yuanxin Lin. Jinan University, China
  • Hansheng Lin. Jinan University, China


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    31 May.


  • 01 Mar.


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