The 3rd International Conference on Big Data for Geosciences (BIGG2019) will be held during January 4-6th, 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The BIGG2019 Conference aims to provide a platform for all experts from academia, industry and natioanl labs to discuss the latest hot research topics and achievements, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing data sciences and geosciences field.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Big Data Theory

Big Data Engineering

Big Data Analysis and Modeling

Big Data Applied in Geosciences

Basic Research on Data Sciences

Frontier Research on Data Sciences

New Geosciences Discovery




  • 1.  David A.Yuen, Columbia University, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department. 
    •   Title:Discussion about Reform of Undergraduate Curriculum in Big Data
  • 2.  周永章, 中山大学, 教授. 
    •   Title:地质领域大数据挖掘、机器学习与实现算法
  • 3.  Kyle T.Mandli, Columbia University, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department.
      Title: Data Challenges to Tackling Climate Change Induced Coastal Flooding.
  • 4. Gabriele Morra, University of Louisiana, Department of Physics and School of Geosciences.
      Title: Towards Jupyter Notebooks for Machine Learning in the Geosciences.
  • 5.  Omar Ghattas, The University of Texas at Austin.
      Title: Learning Complex Models from Large-Scale Data: A Scalable Bayesian Inversion Approach.
  • 6.  巩敦卫, 中国矿业大学, 教授. 
    •   Title:复杂问题进化求解理论与方法
  • 7.  尤佳, 香港理工大学教授.
    •   Title: AI driven gree farming by smart sensing and big data analytics.
  • 8.  任开军, 国防科技大学, 教授.
    •   Title:Computation and data issue on numerical weather prediction system with high resolution
  • 9.  李建新, University of Western Australia/中国地质大学(武汉), 教授.
      Title: Target-aware Holistic Influence Maximization Computing over Large Social Networks.
  • 10. 朱天清, University of Technology Sydney/中国地质大学(武汉), 教授. 
    •   Title: Privacy preserving in the Era of Big Data.
  • 11. 迟学斌, 中国科学院计算机网络信息中心, 教授.
    •   Title:关于大数据时代的几点看法
  • 12. Evan F.Bollig, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.
      Title: Filling Gaps in the Big Data Ecosystem: Secure Cloud Pipelines for Controlled-Access,   Protected, and Sensitive Clinical Data.
  • 13. Lion Krischer, ETH Zurich. 
    •   Title: Data Challenges in Earthquake Seismology


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  • School of Computer, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
    Hubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Geo-Information Processing